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Why Does Synchronicity Happen? Number Syncs and a Coded Reality



Have you ever repeatedly seen the same numbers on the clock, or on license plates, and wondered how you could possibly see the same numbers over and over? It seems to defy probability, that almost every time you check the clock it’s a number like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, ect.

While many dismiss it as coincidence, a threshold is reached when a person is receiving synchronicities where it becomes impossible to dismiss. Through even the most left brained, rational means of testing the theory, some people end up seeing the numbers in greater frequency than probability should allow for.

The synchronicities can become so unrelentingly obvious and in defiance of probability, it becomes clear that they mean something.

But, having experienced this, assigning meaning to the sychronicities can become delusional. If you research the meaning of certain numbers online, you’ll find “angel numbers,” and things like that. The meaning assigned to different numbers by many are vague and give people short term satisfaction, but may miss something deeper.

The experience relayed by many people seems to be that it’s not easy to accurately understand what is being conveyed to us.

Like so many other lessons and things to learn in this existence, the answer isn’t simply handed to us without some effort on our part.

Since 2014, I have been constantly seeing numbers on the clock and on license plates: everywhere one could see a number synchronicity I see it almost every day. It happens so often it’s sometimes difficult to know what to make of it: how can I constantly be in a state of something important happening?

I saw 888 and 555 everywhere before my friend passed away, 8 being a number of death (Scorpio is the 8th sign) and 5 being the number of Leo, my friend. I see 1:33, 2:33, 3:33 ect. more consistently than any other number, almost every hour of every day. My name equals 33 in a certain type of numerology, and in astrology my Sun is at 15.33 degrees Aquarius.

It’s difficult to not go down a rabbit hole and start going crazy with the concept. But if you take a step back and let the improbability of so many repeated synchronicities speak, we can be sure about one thing: if we can be drawn to see signs like this, this existence must have some kind of code that has the ability to speak to us.

There is some code to this life, as if it were a virtual reality bubble belonging to another form of existence.

After being bombarded with numbers every day to the point where it wasn’t even surprising anymore, I discovered what I think is the underlying message. I think I am simply being told “this reality is coded. This life has a code: this is some kind of coded reality.”

I had one experience the year these number syncs began, that really solidified my fascination with numbers.

I was falling asleep in December 2014, not quite asleep but on the verge, when I saw a wall of numbers. It was a never-ending, long white wall of black numbers. I was not intoxicated.

I was conscious enough to be surprised I was seeing something so vivid. I floated to the wall of numbers, kind of zoomed in on it as if I were flying around detached from my body.

The wall had 7 or 8 digit number sequences, each one separated by a space: it was a wall of 7 or 8 digit numbers separated by spaces, never ending. So my vision zoomed in until I was focused on one number code.

As I was still half awake, I was in shock. I thought about what I was seeing, and the two numbers in the middle blurred, in a circular motion. The two middle numbers blurred as if they were made of paint and someone swirled it in a clockwise motion, and then it got weirder.

Immediately after the number swirl, a loud voice turned on in my head. In the center of my brain, as if it were an old, loud speaker, a voice just said “hello?,” just like someone answering the phone.

It wasn’t very divine sounding. It was as if there were an old-school speaker in the center of my brain, and some man picked up a telephone and said “hello?” inside my head. It was just a regular man’s voice. Then I snapped awake, and I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

I have no idea what to make of the experience, but in the flavor of vagueness that number synchronicities can enlighten us about the nature of this existence, it taught me one thing.

This reality has more facets and details than we can possibly imagine, and nothing is outside the realm of possibility.

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