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Why Comedy is Essential For Any Person Who Cares About the Future



When a person decides they want to search for the truth about what this world is, and accept where the truth leads them at the expense of their illusions, it can be a painful path at times.

The more empathy a person has, the more difficult it is to cope with the reality of daily life, money, the system, ect. The more deeply a person understands what the world is, the more a person should feel the intensity of reality: but such intensity needs balance.

When people on the path of truth realize how controlled the world is, realize that perpetual war is taking place in silence, and other hard truths, it can be difficult to feel balanced and happy. But if you look at the actual victims of the worst conditions on Earth, in Yemen for example, you’ll find people who are trying to smile.

Laughter happens in the worst conditions on Earth: people adjust to the worst conditions possible. Laughter is one of the only things in this existence that can soothe the feeling of emptiness: the darkness feeling, the pain of reality.

So people reach a threshold when they go down the path of truth, at which they know how reality is to a certain extent, and they’re doing all they can to understand it. At some point, people on this path need to unwind and let comedy take over. People need breaks from ingesting info about the darkness of reality.

Comedy is a special thing, like music. It can destroy darkness. Comedy can turn tragedy into joy, and alleviate feelings of pain coping with reality. I have noticed that activists in particular need comedy to rejuvenate their appreciation for life and continue functioning.

Thinkers, activists, people on the path of truth and people who understand the more difficult to accept aspects of this world and life, could use laughter on a regular basis.

So if you see someone struggling to cope with the pain of reality, show them some comedy. Everyone has a different taste in comedy, and sometimes it’s not as funny as it should be when depression sets in, but it’s a special thing in this life.

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