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Most Brutal Astrological Aspect: The 6 Conflicting Energies and How to Recognize Them



If you’ve explored astrology to its depths and started to prove to yourself that different energies really do correlate with different planets, areas of sky, and other astronomical phenomena (both in a person’s soul, or their chart, and in transit when astrological things occur in the sky), you’ve probably gotten to the level of looking at aspects: angles made between the planets in the sky, or in a person’s chart.

The primary aspects, angles made between planets are square (90 degree angle between 2 planets), opposition (180 degree angle), trine (120 degree angle), and sextile (60 degree angle). Then there are the halfway points between the major aspects, which are semisextiles (30 degree angle) and semisquares (45 degree angle).

Then, there are the less frequently discussed but demonstrably important aspects, the quincunx, quintile, sesquiquadrate.

But one is no doubt the most difficult aspect in astrology: the square. While some consider the other main “negative” aspect, the opposition the most difficult, the square seems much worse for one reason. Squaring signs always are the true opposite to an energy, because oppositions are really two sides to the same coin with opposite flavors (most of the time).

The Mutable Cross: Virgo/Pisces axis squares Gemini/Sagittarius axis

For example, Virgo and Pisces are opposite each other. Virgo is analytical, earthy, practical, and tangible. Pisces is dreamy, watery, without structure: but both signs are characteristically introverted. They are both true opposites to the axis that squares both signs, the Gemini/Sagittarius axis.

So Virgo and Pisces are both more introverted, less overtly enthusiastic, more quiet and careful and internal. The true opposite to these signs that are physically opposite in the sky is the square to this axis: extroverted, enthusiastic, externally-searching Gemini and Sagittarius.

The Fixed Cross: Leo/Aquarius axis squares Taurus/Scorpio axis.

That is one particularly obvious set of squaring energies. Here is the next example: the Leo/Aquarius axis, where the eclipses are occurring this year and next.

Leo is opposite of Aquarius because the energy is sunny, warm, sociable, egoic. It favors things that are understandable and hearty, social warmth and basic normalcy. Aquarius is opposite to Leo because its energy is cold, sciency, detached, anti-social, and about the collective of humanity rather than the individual. Aquarius has little social sense while Leo has it, but Leo doesn’t have the purpose and ambition of Aquarius.

However they are the same thing at the core: Leo and Aquarius are both about creation, music, art, film: they are about ideas, accomplishments, creating things, and taking pride from their own creation. It’s the axis of creation, and that puts it at odds with the axis it squares: the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is one of opposites that are very opposite from each other. They have a little bit less in common than other opposites. Taurus is opposite Scorpio because it does not want to delve deep into the depths of emotion at all, it seeks comfort and stability, and it is very appreciative of the comforts of life. Scorpio is all about the deep depths of emotion, introspection and facing hard truths, and finds itself without the comforts of life as if they are cursed, but really it just seems to be in their path to understand the depths of deprivation, the opposite of Taurus.

Both signs seem to be about the balance between comfort and stability, and lack of comfort as a sacrifice for a greater understanding of the self. Taurus squares Leo because Leo is offended by the prioritization of comfort and stability over ambition and creation, and Taurus’ lack of appreciation for the arts and things Leo likes. Taurus squares Aquarius because Taurus is put off by the unpredictability and oddness of Aquarius, and Aquarius is put off by Taurus’ lack of interest in thinking and learning.

Scorpio squares Leo because Leo is uninterested in exploring the darker aspects of reality and the depths of emotion and Scorpio finds Leo cocky. Scorpio squares Aquarius because Aquarius is more interested in ignoring emotion than facing it head-on, and Scorpio is incapable about being concerned for the collective of humanity as Aquarius is, too immersed in the individual drilling down into oneself to understand themselves.

The Cardinal Cross: Aries/Libra axis squares Cancer/Capricorn Axis

Finally, this is the way Cardinal signs square each other.

Aries is the first sign: a youthful, sporadic, buzzing energy of Mars. It’s opposite to Libra in a very clear way because it can be forceful and fiery, while Libra is delicate and harmonious, gentle and passive. The two signs are the same in a difficult to describe way: something about the light, airy, youthful way about them is very similiar in completely opposite ways.

Cancer is the sign of emotion, of feeling, empathy, love of animals and nature, love of family and heart. It’s very starkly opposite of Capricorn, the sign of Saturn, the hardest coldness, ambition, structure, work, discipline.

Aries and Libra are both signs that don’t want to bear the responsibility of Cancer or Capricorn: Cancer/Capricorn is the axis of the mother and father, compassionate, deeply feeling motherly Cancer and hardworking, disciplined fatherly Capricorn. Both take what they believe in very seriously, like parents do.

So Aries and Libra are repelled by that seriousness. They don’t want responsibility: Aries wants to do it’s own thing with fire, and Libra wants to gently drift through life.

In conclusion, this is a little bit about the different energies in areas of the sky we call “signs.” The planets in these signs are imbued with this energy, and it’s demonstrable. So next time the Sun enters a new area of sky we call a “sign,” test for yourself if the energy of that month feels the way astrologers say the sign is. It really is accurate, and you can develop a sense for it.

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