The Crazy Contest of 2017: War and Control vs. Peace and Freedom

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As talks of war against North Korea ramp up, it’s hard not to be entertained by the authoritarian and sovereign dichotomy that dominates our world-mind today. After all, if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

There are essentially two main narratives, epitomized by the media wars, which dominate our societal landscape: mainstream and alternative. The information presented by the mainstream media is fundamentally anti-freedom, because it spectacularly and irresponsibly fails to address the encroachment on individual liberty perpetrated by those at the higher end of the power pyramid, whilst alternative media and its researchers generally advocate for honoring individual and community sovereignty as the basis for how our social system should be designed, both in the present and future.

However, within both of these rarely compatible viewpoints there are near an infinite number of (organic and manufactured) nuances. This has amplified ideological and pragmatic divisions which has undoubtedly resulted with our collective power being further undermined, regardless if we are someone who blindly believes in officialdom or not. Surprisingly, this has ripened into petty infighting between those who understand how dangerously close we are to permanently losing our freedom in the dystopic, transhumanist global order that is slowly unfolding in plain sight.

Not only do mainstream eyes fail to see this disturbing development, they can’t even envision it. Yet, just because alternative eyes are fixated on it, their focus is so mixed that little agreement has voluntarily surfaced.

As I remarked in the article ‘Humanity is Suffering from a Divide and Conquer Strategy’:

The ironic aspect is that we all want an end to this shit, but our understanding of the issues are different, and therefore our solutions are too.

That “shit” I was referring to are the endless wars, propaganda, inhumanity and outright criminality of the military-medical-media-management-monetary complex. The entire system has been turned into a scam, and we’re all its victims. Simply, there is little honor, justice and authenticity promoted by the governing political and corporate bodies. Instead, they are characterized by individual dishonesty, corruption and greed that is almost a necessity in the cut-throat, profit-driven sickness that is pandemic across our systemic environment.

Where is the truth? Where is the integrity? Where is the humanity?

It’s seldom found in the management and organization of our system. For example:

  • Through lobbying, corruption and political puppetry, the governmental apparatus and big money has aligned into a corporatocracy where macro-policy design reflects oligarchical interests;
  • The power of money-creation primarily rests with transnational banking monopolies;
  • The food supply for the masses is saturated with harmful chemicals;
  • Misinformation, propaganda and outright lies dictate the information disseminated by the legacy media;
  • Environmental degradation is rapidly increasing due to the multinational grip on our shared resources (as well as the suppression of advanced energy technologies);
  • The pharmaceutical-medico alliance inundates our society with toxins and profit-focused ‘healthcare’, ensuring that society is kept sick and addicted; and
  • All of the above has created a scarcity-based society where you’re normal if you’re sick, stressed or sad.

Now of course the fight for freedom is an ancient journey. Since the conception of so-called civilized society, there has always been rulers, regardless if they’re based on bloodlines or economic eminence. Yet as we move into the second-half of twenty seventeen, the battle between control and freedom has never been more pronounced because it is in the context of a planetary culture that is now interconnected and interdependent like never before.

The population has been drenched in fear, particularly regarding (concocted) terrorism and war. Who’s going to be next to die from an extremist bombing? When is the next nuke going to be dropped? What liberties are you willing to renounce to ensure you’re kept safe by your benevolent masters?

As mainstream mindsets get further locked into the control grid, the alternative thinkers are scrambling to unshackle humanity from the chains of its (ideological, technological and monetary) enslavement. There has no doubt been some amazing work done by so many gifted researchers and presenters, especially bringing the darkness of the despots to light, but so far the sovereignty saints have failed to come up with a cohesive plan to inform the rest of the populace what we truly face and what is truly at stake.

As I’ve said for many moons now, we need to make this a priority if we want a genuine shot of raising sovereignty to the heights of public dialogue and collective awareness.

Nevertheless, the fact remains there is a choice that each individual needs to make: do you support individual sovereignty and all the innate consequences which manifest from this concept, or don’t you?

This ultimatum – between freedom and control – is at the forefront of collective (un)consciousness in 2017, regardless of whether you are personally aware of it or not. That’s why to see this ‘consciously’ enter the awareness of those who have been tricked by the mainstream madness should be a collective goal for the friends of freedom.


Phillip J. Watt is an author, presenter, researcher and health coach who lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. His written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. Follow him on Facebook, listen to his Podcast on SoundCloud or Itunes, watch his films and video interviews at his YouTube Channel or visit his websites Pushing the Tipping Point and Vitality Guidance.