The mastermind behind Beardo Comics has another comic that will tug at your heart strings.

The artist Dan Dougherty says that he’s been in the comic industry since 2003, and that he’s loved the medium his whole life. “When I’m not at the drawing board, I can be found touring the country on the comic convention circuit, teaching how to make comics at the International School of Comics in Chicago, or writing and performing music in my band ‘Off the Chance'”, he says

The strip featured below is part of his “Beardo Chronicles” and tells the story of a dad and daughter growing up. From pushing the stroller, to birthday parties, the first days at school to walking down the aisle.. He encapsulates what it’s like to be a parent in the good times, to the good times experienced as a kid with her father. He likely draws from personal experience as inspiration for his art.

Check it out:

Pushing the stroller.

Play time.

School years.


Growing older.

Passing the values on.

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h/t Bored Panda