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Opposites Attract: Why These Opposite Astrology Signs Are Perfect For Each Other



Most people into astrology believe that an opposition is a malefic aspect. To a large extent this is true, but many of the opposing signs in astrology are actually perfect in synastry, sort of completing each other when they come together.

Opposite signs tend to be two opposite sides of the same coin: two polarly opposite flavors to one common purpose. This article will explain why, in a way that is understandable by even amateurs.

So this is an opposition, in the form of a Full Moon: an 180 degree angle between two bodies in astrology. The Earth is in the middle. A Full Moon is an opposition, Sun opposition Moon. The Sun is below the Earth, and the Moon is in the sky in this chart.

That is a Full Moon in Leo and Aquarius: here is why Leo and Aquarius may get along well in a relationship, even though they are opposites.

Leo and Aquarius opposition

Leo and Aquarius are opposite of each other because Leo is characteristically warm and full of social sense, about the self and personal accomplishment, while Aquarius is awkward, cold, detached, and concerned with the accomplishment of the collective and the well-being of all of humanity, or other people in general. Leo is the hearty craftsman, and Aquarius is the detached, sciency thinker.

Leo is the sign of the Sun: the core identity, the self. However, it is also about the arts and crafts of life: music, the arts, films, creations and accomplishments, things to create.

Aquarius is the sign of Uranus: a sign that is also about creation, music, the arts, ideas, just in a very different way from Leo. Leo is likely to favor warm, traditional, wholesome artforms and creations, while Aquarius is about artforms and creations that are odd, unique, bizarre and unheard of.

Therefore the two signs are both about creation, but in opposite ways, so they teach each other completely new perspectives on how to create and appreciate things.

They are also both fixed signs, masculine in nature: very warrior-like, headstrong and bombastic.

Virgo and Pisces opposition

Virgo and Pisces are two signs that are very opposite, but when they come together they can balance out so well.

Virgo is the sign of Mercury: an energy that is analytical, mental and left brained, logical, factual, precise, ect. Virgo is an energy that drills deep into thoughts in a very specific and intentful way. Virgo sees the world with precision, and reasons through everything.

Pisces is Neptune, the opposite because it is the energy of the right brain: intuition, formless imagination, feeling rather than thinking, ect. Pisces sometimes suffers from delusion because its thoughts have no form: they are watery, flowing, intangible waves of imagination that require some kind of Earthy energy such as Virgo or Capricorn to solidify their imagination in solid form.

A Virgo would sometimes be annoyed with Pisces’ spaceyness, Pisces’ confusion and lack of specifics in communication, Pisces’ formlessness, but Virgo really may find Pisces soothing because Pisces has the power to melt Virgo’s seriousness. Pisces has the power to soothe and relax Virgo.

Virgo has the ability to ground Pisces and stop the confusion and delusion it may suffer from. Virgo is the energy of health and an understanding of the human body, and Pisces is a sign that often suffers from drug addiction and problems with poison, so Virgo has the ability to heal Pisces and help them be cleansed of bad habits.

Capricorn and Cancer opposition

Capricorn and Cancer may clash because Capricorn is very unemotional, structured, ambitious, disciplined, and potentially cold, while Cancer is the epitome of emotion. Cancer is the energy of the Moon, the mother, of emotion and family, love for animals, compassion and empathy.

Capricorn is the energy of Saturn, the father, the disciplined worker, of ambition and unemotional structure.

But what do you get when a Cancer and Capricorn love each other? A mother and father: a family. Provided that the energies aren’t corrupted or turned negative as all energies have the potential to be, Cancer and Capricorn have the ability to become like a family when they get together.

That’s because Cancer fulfills the role of the mother, caring for children, providing compassion and love as a parent, while Capricorn can be out working to provide for the family like a solid father figure.

Cancer and Capricorn might clash when it comes to Cancer’s depth of emotion and Capricorn’s lack of emotion, but they can get together to create a perfect family if they commit to understanding each other and working through their differences.

There are 3 other axises of opposing signs: the Taurus and Scorpio opposition, Gemini and Sagittarius opposition, and Aries and Libra opposition, but those are a little bit less compatible than the 6 mentioned above.

For more info on the 6 axises of the zodiac, see this recent article about square aspects in astrology.

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