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What Do You See? This Picture Test Will Reveal Your Subconscious Fear



Do you really know what your subconscious mind fears? You might know very well about the things that make your skin crawl such as spiders and snakes. What about the other deep-rooted fears? This quiz might resonate with you! If it does, make sure you pass it on.

This is what it means if you saw the CATERPILLAR first:

You may have a subconscious fear of spirits or ghosts. You may also have fear of paralysis and may have experienced that before. You may also fear falling asleep after a scary movie more than usual.

This is what it means if you saw the BUTTERFLY first:

Well. You might have a subconscious fear of betrayal. You’re that person who got crossed more times that you would have liked, maybe have been cheated on or back-stabbed by a friend. You might hide this weakness well but sometimes, not so much.

This is what it means if you saw the KNIFE first:

You have a subconscious fear of terminal illness. You may fear having a terminal illness unknowingly and you also fear suffering. You may worry about dying at any moment.

This is what it means if you saw the APPLE first:

This is an interesting one. Your subconscious fear may be death. This one isn’t about you though, its the ones you love. This may have happened after you lost someone close to you. All-in-all, you cant handle losing someone else.

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Vladimir Kush

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