False Flags Are Now Well Recognized in our Collective Psyche

It was only several decades ago that the term ‘false flag’ was rarely understood, let alone spoken. But over the course of increased civilian investigation into the happenings of our world – independent of oligarchical and governmental propaganda – historic false flags that have been ‘officially admitted’ and the more recent ones which are still ‘officially denied’ are now commonly discussed in the lexicon of public dialogue.

For those who still haven’t caught up with this concept, a false flag is an event or operation that is blamed on a party who didn’t actually orchestrate it. This strategy gained its modern name based on nautical operations when an “attacking ship would fly the colours of its enemy until close enough to open fire“, however it’s as old as military warfare itself. Moreover, with increasing complexity and competition on the planetary stage over the course of the last several centuries, false flag operations have become increasingly useful for the agenda of shadow and spotlighted power structures.

To provide examples of ‘admitted’ false flags, this article lists 69 of them. For a classic example of denied one, this article spectacularly debunks the official version of 911 and this article provides 24 hard facts which indicate that it is potentially a false flag event.

An Interview with Ole Dammegard

In this interview, Phillip J. Watt and Ole Dammegard discuss the history and currency of false flag operations, their evolution into weather modification programs, how Ole has been able to predict so-called terrorist events and the attempt to create a civil war in the US, as well as methods to bring some sanity to our sick social system.

This interview is part of the ‘Redesigning Society‘ Podcast which is available on Soundcloud, itunes and all other good Podcast apps.

You can follow and support Ole’s work at lightonconspiracies.

You can follow Phillip J. Watt at his websites vitalityguidance and pushingthetippingpoint, as well as his Facebook page Phillip J. Watt.


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