NASA Satellite Images Provoke ‘Weather Warfare’ Discussion as More Hurricanes Come

Lately, people aware that geoengineering (weather manipulation) is already a fully developed science have had a lot of questions. So many anomalous weather events are occurring, it has become necessary to investigate them, and determine if any geoengineering activity contributed to the magnitude of these disasters.

Geoengineering activist Patrick Roddie has used an open source tool, NASA Worldview, to take satellite images of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and other weather events. In this interview, he explains how the images indicate the hurricanes were altered.

In this video, one can see distinctive spray patterns, feathery spots, haze, and wave lines indicative of weather modification.

The satellite images show feathery, wispy, unnatural formations in the hurricanes, as well as lines and wave patterns distinctive to geoengineering. The images lay a foundation for what should be an extensive citizen’s investigation into the possibility that these hurricanes were altered, or even created.

For those not up to date, Hurricane Irma is now headed for Florida after annihilating structures on entire islands in the Caribbean, and 2 more hurricanes are currently active.

The fortunately weak Hurricane Katia is set to strike Mexico, a category 1 with windspeeds of 85 miles per hour, and Hurricane Jose, currently a major category 3 with windspeeds of 120 miles per hour, is gaining power in the Atlantic Ocean directly behind Irma.

As the Pacific Northwest is on fire in the US, sending smoke as far as Chicago, a gigantic magnitude 8 earthquake just struck the west coast of Mexico.

What is going on? The truth is, we live in an age where technology is so advanced, we can’t even begin to fathom the potential of certain fields of science. The power of geoengineering must be investigated and understood by common people.

As geoengineers, institutions and government entities call for hacking the planet,” or spraying the skies to “combat global warming,” the dozens of patents, rain tests, and other pieces of evidence prove without a doubt that the sky is already being sprayed with aluminum and other metals on a daily basis. It is not to reflect sunlight back into space, it is to geoengineer the weather.

The president of Iran accused the US and its coalition of having the ability to move weather systems and influence Iran’s drought 5 years ago. Is that why US enemies Iran and North Korea are in some of the most severe droughts of their history?

It is insufficient in uncovering the full truth, to dismiss the possibility of hurricanes being engineered or strengthened through weather modification. The topic deserves a thorough, intensive public investigation, and that is already taking place thanks to researchers such as Patrick Roddie. Unfortunately, the efforts fall on many deaf ears.

To know the full history of geoengineering and weather warfare, a perfect resource to start with is the book “Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.” In this video, the book’s author Peter A. Kirby elaborates on some of the entities involved with geoengineering, including defense contractor Raytheon and the MITRE Corporation.

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