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UK Retailer Becomes First to Ditch ‘Boys’ and ‘Girls’ Labels on Kid’s Clothing



John Lewis is the first clothing retailer in the UK to refrain from reinforcing specific gender stereotypes. The department store accomplished this by removing all gender labels from children’s clothing. Not only has the chain taken “girls” and “boys” labels from clothes, it has eliminated separate sections in its stores.

The Independent reports that from now on, John Lewis clothing will simply say “Girls & Boys” or “Boys & Girls.” So far, school uniforms are the only type of clothing that has not yet switched. However, the change will occur soon.

Credit: John Lewis

None of the brand’s clothing style has changed. For instance, floral dresses and casual boy’s wear will still be sold. The retailer is simply making a point that various types of clothing can be worn by both girls and boys.

Said Caroline Bettis, the head of childrenswear at John Lewis:

“We do not want to reinforce gender stereotypes within our John Lewis collections and instead want to provide greater choice and variety to our customers, so that the parent or child can choose what they would like to wear.”

In anticipation of the switch, John Lewis also launched a new unisex clothing line for children. Dinosaur print dresses and spaceship tops are but a few options in the department. Reportedly, the John Lewis website still includes girls and boys sections. This is presently under review, however, and is likely to change.

Overall, the response has been positive:

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h/t The Independent

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