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Equifax Website Frozen Due to 2nd Security Breach, Rewarded Major Government Security Contract



Equifax’s original security breach, left millions of Americans’ personal information at risk for identity theft and credit fraud, but a second cyber breach has resulted in the company taking one of its web pages offline.

The second security breach comes on the heels of Equifax receiving a $7.25 million-dollar identity verification contract from the IRS, just after the first hack into its site occurred.  In a press release, Equifax states that hackers have stolen over 15.2 million UK citizens’ personal information from years ranging 2011 and 2016. Originally, Equifax said that only 400,000 UK citizens were affected.

You realize to many Americans right now, that it looks like we’re giving Lindsay Lohan the key to the minibar,” Senator John Kennedy, (R- Louisiana), told former Equifax CEO Richard Smith at a Senate Banking Committee hearing, just after Equifax was awarded the IRS contract.

The previous security hack resulted in the sensitive personal information of over 143 million people to become public information. Just prior to the public admission of the breach, three senior Equifax executives sold over a million dollars of stock in the company.

Six out of ten people in America were affected by the first hacking, with their social security numbers and birth dates, among other information being compromised, yet several Equifax executives made millions from insider trading – knowing that the stock would likely tank once the public learned of the security snafu.

Equifax’s Chief Information Officer, David Webb, and Head of Security, Susan Maudlin announced their retirement just after the first breach, yet, many American’s were appalled to find out that even the most rudimentary cyber security protocols were not in place to prevent the first hack.

Equifax is also being accused of scrubbing their corporate site of any information that exposes that their “Head of Security” was a music major with no IT experience whatsoever. Another cover-up is also being investigated, involving the credentials of the company’s Chief Security Officer.

We are aware of the situation identified on the website in the credit report assistance link,” Equifax spokesman Wyatt Jefferies said in an email.

The possibility of an “inside job” certainly comes to the minds of both American and UK citizens; however the former Equifax CEO, Richard Smith, says there is “no evidence” to prove this theory.

In a Senate Banking Committee hearing on the Equifax breach, Smith blamed the incident on a lowly IT worker who forgot to patch the breached server for an Apache Struts vulnerability.

Outside counsel and the FBI are still “investigating” this security breach, yet, within the same timeframe that these hackings first began, a former high-level CIA agent, Kevin Shipp, detailed that the Deep State and Shadow Government are part of criminal network that spans the globe.

Shipp stated that the FBI, NSA and CFR (Counsel on Foreign Relations) are all covers for this vast, secret complex that controls all “sensitive” information, and sways public will at large.

“The top of the shadow government is the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency,” Shipp said. This would mean that the FBI is controlled by these entities, thereby making the admission of an inside job concerning Equifax’s lax cyber-security, a near impossibility.

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