America’s Last True Statesmen Tells You What You Can Do to Stop Fascism And Intolerance

The moral ideals of individual liberty are the only thing that can unify us.

Humans have tried just about every form of governance imaginable except for true liberty, which would honor the equality of all people without intervening in every aspect of life. Remarkably, we’ve seen numerous examples of just how bad and oppressive government can get, but many of us still hope and pray that human civilization will someday rise to our highest potential, no matter how dark the present looks.

At the age of 82, Dr. Ron Paul is moving into the twilight of his life, but his consistent message of understanding individual liberty and for unabashedly promoting it has struck a chord with millions of Americans in recent years. And while the Ron Paul Revolution may be over, Dr. Paul still offers us a guiding light. He is, in a very real sense, a uniquely American wisdom elder, the last of the true statesmen and spokespersons for meaningful freedom.

In a recent interview with Ryan McCormick of The Outer Limits of Inner Truth Radio Show, Dr. Paul was asked about the future beyond his own life, and what younger generations can do to push the cause of liberty.


“How can we honor your legacy? How would you prefer us to act and honor your memory when pushing for the cause of liberty?”

Dr. Paul:

“Study the principles of liberty and understand why that’s the basic moral principle of civilization, and promote it. It’s based on tolerance, you know, tolerance and honesty.

I think just promoting the cause of liberty has been my goal, and I think that should be the goal of all individuals.

I also believe that those of us that have finally come around to believing it without being arrogant about it, we have a greater moral responsibility, and this would include people like you and your audience that, I’m sure have a much better understanding than the average person on the street, so I’d put a little bit of pressure on them, in a polite way, in saying, you know, you understand that your ideas are very valuable, so you should participate in spreading that message the best way you can.”

Essentially, Dr. Paul is saying that moral ideas matter deeply in these times, that they are universal. He is hinting at the notion that the principles of liberty are the one thing which can unify us, and that to see this come about, those of us who understand this have an obligation to participate in the information war to the fullest. For, a radical shift in favor of these unifying principles is our best hope of overcoming the creeping fascism and tyranny we see in America today.

Listen to the entire interview here:

About the Author

Isaac Davis writes for Survival Tips blog. He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. Follow him on Facebook, here.

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