How Long Until a Major Terror Attack is Blamed on Free Thinkers?

How long is it until a mass shooting or terror attack is blamed on conspiracy theorists, or opponents of government?

This article will not jump to conclusions about the Las Vegas shooting being a false flag, or the conclusion that it wasn’t. It’s just a question: how long until an attack is blamed on the true enemies of the system?

The government, the corporations in bed with government, and the institutions that tie it all together (collectively one can refer to these entities as “the system”), all have a mutual enemy in activists. They all have a mutual enemy in conspiracy theorists, opponents of government, activists that are against the crimes of corporations, and all of those people.

Think about the worst enemies of the system: are the worst enemies of the system people who commit senseless violence, and kill civilians in terror attacks?

Of course not. We can all agree that governments, corporations who make weapons or products for government, and all of those entities benefit from tragedy. They make new laws, they get more money and equipment, they obviously benefit from every crisis unless it seriously damaged their own profit or infrastructure.

So who else is the potential worst enemy of the system? Russia, Iran, ISIS?

We are told every day that Russia and Iran are the enemy on television, but they use that to gain more power and pump fear as well. Russia and Iran might be genuine enemies of the system this article refers to, but there is another enemy.

Any groups of people that pose an effective obstacle to the goals of the system are its enemy.

If activists effectively destroy Monsanto’s name and expose them to the point where their profit is cut, they’re Monsanto’s enemy: period.

If the US government is having a harder time justifying war, expanding the police state, continuing the war on drugs, ect, whatever is the obstacle to their goal is going to get handled in some way. With all the resources and might of the US government, don’t you think they would do anything in their power to destroy the obstacles in their way?

So if activists, free thinkers, people who don’t believe the official narrative, and effective obstacles to tyranny are in fact enemies of the state, the state will probably be looking to demonize them.

It has happened in the past. The FBI operation “PATCON” (patriot conspiracy) was an effort to infiltrate and destroy American militia movements.

The Oklahoma City bombing is thought to be a result of this.

The Waco siege and other events of the 90’s were used by the media to demonize people who believe in the right to bear arms (and Waco happened the final year PATCON was officially in operation, in 1993).

PATCON also infiltrated groups of white supremacists and un-savvy individuals, but it appears the real target were armed people who could pose an effective opposition to tyranny.

Summarized from the perspective of supporting PATCON (which this article does not):

“From 1991 to 1993, the FBI conducted an ambitious infiltration program code-named PATCON, short for Patriot Conspiracy. “Patriot” is an umbrella label for a loosely defined movement of antigovernment, racist, anti- Semitic, and/or Christian extremists. The PATCON program is documented in extraordinary detail in thousands of pages of FBI records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Interviews with people involved on both sides of the infiltration supplement this information.

PATCON consisted primarily of three FBI undercover agents posing as members of a fictional extremist group called the Veterans Aryan Movement. Three Patriot groups were the primary targets of PATCON – Civilian Materiel Assistance, the Texas Light Infantry, and the American Pistol and Rifle Association. PATCON agents roved the country for more than two years collecting intelligence on these and other Patriot organizations and on dozens of individuals, investigating leads on plots from the planned murder of federal agents to armed raids on nuclear power plants to a new American Revolution.”

This extensive documentary explains:

The truth about PATCON is that the FBI agents instigated violence and were a primary factor in making the groups violent in the first place.

They were often the catalyst for violent attitudes, and as they did it then, we can rest assured that the US government learned from their experience and mastered the ability to instigate violence or manufacture terror plots for use today.

An event doesn’t have to be completely fake with no victims for it to be a plot against the people. They could put one agent into a plot, make it go the way they want, and then allow the agent to disappear without a trace. Any number of situations could happen like this.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that one day, we will wake up and an event worse than Las Vegas will have occurred.

Then, the media will take apart the attacker’s personality, and report that he believed 9/11 was an inside job.

I believe the media will report the attacker was an anti-vaxxer, or that he was a fan of naturopathy.

They might say the attacker owned a lot of land and grew food because he didn’t believe in the system.

Whether the future attack blamed on dissidents is a false flag, or they fabricate the info about the attacker believing these things, or whatever scenario, I think we will see it happen and never get to find out the truth.

One day we might just wake up and see the media launching waves of hate against the people who obstruct the goals of the state the most.

(Image credit: NBC, Frontview, CovertBookReport)

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