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This Company Let’s You Transfer to 100% Green Energy for Free



Can’t afford to buy an array of solar panels, a Tesla solar roof, or haven’t got the technological know-how to integrate solar, or wind power into your electric grid? (For example, what the heck is total depth of charge, and kilowatt capacity?) No worries. A new company allows you transfer all your energy consumption to green sources, 100% free.

Let me make this clear before you continue reading. You won’t get to stop paying your electric bill (yet), but what you will be able to do is start utilizing solar-power co-ops, wind farms, and other clean energy sources without even changing your utility company.

Until we’re in the shoes of people in Germany, who recently had so much renewable energy that it had to pay people to use it, we need to force our government’s and related huge power companies’ hand. Yes, in Germany, prices for power actually went negative!

This is likely the exact thing that keeps coal and petro-based electricity generating companies from switching to green energy projects at a faster pace. But you can help force this to happen much sooner. They’d basically be making themselves obsolete.

Here’s how switching to green energy works.

Arcadia Power matches your electricity usage with renewable energy they purchase on your behalf from sustainable wind energy farms and solar co-ops across the US.

You just go to their website, and put in your zip code and they let you know if the service is available to you in your area. The company is already making a massive impact, because even those who are not able to tap into green energies on their own, can voice their intent to do so. That intent, turns into demand, and energy companies have no other option but to start sourcing more clean energy to keep up with that demand. The company is rated by the better Business Bureau as A+, is Green-e certified, and is a member of two different pro-green industry institutions, the SEIA, and AWEA.

If clean energy is available in your area, and you successfully sign-up with Arcadia, they get your utility bill and, after sourcing green energy for your monthly use, pay your bill. Your utility company, in other words, is paid directly by Arcadia. You then pay Arcadia for their service.

You can also source clean energy for other bills like your gas bill, to make sure that you aren’t supporting coal or petro.

The FREE membership costs nothing, and this allows you to see what percentage of your energy could be offset by green energy. You only have to add payment information with a premium membership which involves Arcadia taking over your utility bill.

For every kWh of energy you use, they will purchase renewable energy credits from wind farms on your behalf to match your current power usage.

This renewable energy is then fed back into the power grid making it available for homes and businesses across the country to use, increasing the percentage of energy that comes from green sources nationwide.

So, by making a small change, all people get access to cleaner energy from the grid, and until you are ready to completely off-grid with your own solar set up, microhydro power, and wind turbine and solar battery packs, it is a great option to stop polluting the planet.

Just an aside, according to Energy Alternatives Ltd., “Our experience with micro hydro systems has demonstrated that water power will produce between 10 and 100 times more power than PV or wind for the same capital investment.” So, if you have a little cash to invest in long-term clean energy, this is an even better, less polluting alternative to solar and wind power.  You can also use a hybrid system of solar and micro-hydro, depending on where you live to generate plenty of energy for a typical household’s needs.

We all want to stop relying on a grid that is controlled by the puppets, and a sitting duck for mischievous false flag-attacks, but until we can get off it, at least we can force, through demand, what kind of energy is generated onto it.

Image: The Balance

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