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“Government Shutdown” Goes Into Effect, But Not For Cops And Military



The US government “shut down” after politicians in Washington DC were unable to come to an agreement on how they will use the money that they have plundered from the country’s citizens. Democrats and Republicans are blaming one another as usual, but the fact that politicians can use resources and services that people need as bargaining chips is the root of the problem. Most of the disagreements center around strict immigration policies in the US that have escalated since Donald Trump took office.

As the deadline for the vote to avert the shutdown drew closer, Trump tweeted that the military and border patrol would be affected by the shutdown, but sadly we are not that lucky.

After his tweet, The Washington Post reported that a federal statute calls for the military and police to stay active during government shutdowns, which means that the worst parts of the government will remain operational. Most people won’t even notice the government shutdown, aside from the many government workers who will be threatened to not get paid for their work. In 2013, the government put their workers in this position for a few weeks, but by the time they got their next paycheck the shutdown was over, so even those most affected hardly noticed that it happened.

“You’re seeing across the board efforts by the administration and each of the agencies to minimize the impact of the shutdown on the American people,” one White House official said on a conference call with reporters.

The Post also reported that there would be no pay gap for the military unless the shutdown extended past February 1, in which case they would continue to work without pay until that time was over. If a private employer were to place these types of sanctions on their workers they would surely be charged with federal crimes, which is extremely ironic.

“Not only can the president decide who or what is an essential activity, the president can change his or her mind anytime. In the past, every president has exempted the military, for obvious reasons,” Stan Collender, an expert on the federal budget at Qorvis MSLGroup told The Post.

Don’t take his word for it though, back in 2013 Trump himself told us “don’t believe the lies,” the government doesn’t really shut down.

The mainstream media is acting like this will be the end of the world, but don’t forget, just a few weeks ago they were calling the weather a “bomb”.

Image: Photo: J. Scott Applewhite, AP

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