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Homeless Man Thrown In The Back Of A Trash Truck While Inside His Tent



A homeless man in San Diego escaped from the back of a trash truck after his tent was thrown out with him inside. According to city officials, the man narrowly escaped being crushed to death when he screamed and forced his way out of the tent.

Officials told the San Diego Union-Tribune that the man ran away before workers could see if he was ok or find out who he was.

The incident occurred on December 22nd while police were clearing homeless people on the streets, and apparently, someone failed to check inside of this particular tent. Considering the circumstances, it is likely that the man ran away because he feared arrest.

Paz Gomez, deputy chief operating officer, made the following statement to the Tribune:

“This was a terrible incident and all involved were shaken by what occurred. Based on initial accounts, city staff and the city’s abatement contractor tried to follow up with the individual but the person immediately left the scene and couldn’t be located. City crews work diligently with homeless individuals to alert them of upcoming abatements and follow strict written procedures when conducting abatements. Obviously, this event was unacceptable and the city is taking action to ensure this never happens again.”

Homeless advocate and attorney Scott Dreher said that he doesn’t see anyone getting in trouble for this.

“Thank God somebody heard the guy and stopped it because it would have been way worse. As bad as this is, the lawyer part of me doesn’t think there was any kind of malice. It may have been carelessness, it may have been a lack of communication,” he said.

The criminalization of homelessness is now sadly common across most of the US, as I have been reporting on quite often recently.

Last year The Mind Unleashed reported that the city of Seattle was planning to set up razor-wire fencing to keep homeless populations from camping. Then, not long after we reported that San Francisco was using Robots scare homeless people away from encampments and report them to police. Also in San Francisco, we recently reported that the city spent $8,700 installing large boulders under overpasses to prevent homeless people from setting up camps. There were numerous homeless encampments in the area until they were recently forced out of the area, and now the City’s government is doing everything they can to keep the camps out of the area.

At least a dozen activists were arrested last week for feeding the homeless in Wells Park in El Cajon, California. Even a 14-year-old child was arrested. Authorities say that the law is aimed to prevent the spread of disease, but activists say that they are criminalizing the homeless.

“It means they are criminalizing homelessness. They’ve created 4 laws against the homeless. No camping, no sleeping in cars, no panhandling and no feeding the homeless,” Mark Lane told RT.

Image: netkids/Pixabay.

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