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How To Make an Electricity-Free Space Heater That Heats Your Home for Pennies [Watch]



Let’s be honest — it can be expensive to be alive. Fortunately, there are innovative ways to cut down on costs, such as making an electricity-free space heater. Not only is the DIY space heater easy to make, it costs mere pennies per day.

A YouTube user who goes by the name DesertSun02 shared the video on the platform. He wrote in the description:

Clay/Terracotta pots absorb the thermal energy of the candles and convert it into radiant space heat. Reaches temperatures of 160F to 180F. Heater stays hot for hours. use caution, the inner chamber can reach 500F.”

Credit: YouTube

He added that it “heats a small area very effectively,” and “uses 1 to 3 candles or more.”

Watch the video below:

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 Terracotta Clay Flower Plots (one should be able to fit inside the other with ~ 1 inch of space around it)
  • Pillar candles in glass containers
  • 1 thick glass or metal plate for the candles
  • 1 large bolt with nuts and washers
  • A stand — bricks do nicely
  • A lighter or matches

Credit: YouTube

How to Make the Heater

Step 1:

  • Slide the bolt through the larger pot. Secure it in place with the washer and hex nut.

Credit: YouTube

Step 2:

  • Place another washer on the opposite side of the nut and slide the other pot inside. Secure that one (tightly) onto the bolt with another nut. There should be at least a 1/4-inch gap between both pots.

Step 3:

  • Using a lighter or matches, light the candles and place them on the plate. Arrange a few bricks around the “space heater” so the pots are elevated from the ground.

Credit: YouTube

  • Place the doubled-up clay pots over the candles and leave it alone. Within 20 minutes, the tiny oven heater will reach about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. After 30-40 minutes, it will be too hot to touch.

Credit: YouTube

How does it work?

The YouTuber noted:

The “heater works by trapping and concentrating the heat that would normally just rise to the ceiling and quickly dissipate in the surrounding air. once pots have warmed up they stay hot for hours. 

I built both 2 and 3 pot heaters. the 2 pot heater seems much more effective (if you are using large thick pots). if the pots are smaller then 3 pots may be better.”

Credit: YouTube

As Inhabitat reports, the nifty space heater emits enough heat to warm a room or a small studio apartment. Best of all, it won’t add to your electricity bill. That means you can save money and use it for other necessities, like food. The DIY space heater can also warm your coffee or tea. Just let your mug sit on top of the heater for a minute or two… and voila! 

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h/t Inhabitat, YouTube

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