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Anti Gun Rapper was Convicted of Gun Charge, Challenges Pro Gun Rapper to Debate



Vic Mensa, a mainstream rapper is making headlines right now that point out just last year he was convicted of an illegal gun possession charge in California, but last weekend he performed at the “March for our Lives” and he has been railing hard for gun control.

He held a permit for the loaded firearm in a state other than California which was invalid, and pleaded no contest to a charge, before being sentenced to two years probation. The second charge of carrying an unregistered and loaded firearm was subsequently dropped.

He may currently believe he is a criminal himself now, but I believe he should have been able to carry it.

On Saturday he performed at this March, and then tweeted that the AR-15 rifle should be banned.

Now here’s where it gets strange: he is trying to conflate two different ideas which should never, ever join together. He also dedicated his performance to the “unarmed black men and women killed by police weapons.”

Unarmed black men and women are absolutely being killed by police, true.

So you want them to be disarmed? In my opinion any person fighting against police brutality should absolutely be fighting for our right to bear whatever arms we want, and to say otherwise is strategically absurd.

Something is happening on television right now. The media is reporting on Martin Luther King and his “strategy of non-violence” in particular right now, disrespecting the sh*t out of his legacy and all those who stood with him by feeding people a propagandistic rendering of his story to promote gun control.

Even worse… MLK’s granddaughter, his 9 year old granddaughter is giving speeches about gun control now. She is probably too young to know the FBI likely killed her grandfather, as a 1999 court ruling admitted he was assassinated by someone other than the official shooter.

I respect what MLK did and I’m sure if he were around today he would be completely against gun control. However, I prefer the attitude of Malcolm X when it comes to 1960’s black revolutionaries.

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So Vic Mensa just challenged Atlanta rapper Killer Mike to a debate about gun control: Killer Mike is in favor of the Second Amendment.

According to Yahoo:

“Following his social media apology for sitting down with the NRA’s television network to express his support of the second amendment, Killer Mike responded to fellow rapper, Vic Mensa, who challenged his colleague to a debate on issues surrounding gun control.

“To @KillerMike: YOU DON’T NEED AN AR-15,” Mensa tweeted on Saturday (Mar. 24). “As a black man (and) fellow gun owner I would like to have a debate with you about your stances on gun control.”

Killer Mike didn’t shy away from this proposal, stating, “We got the same publicist and you have my phone number. I ain’t dodge’n you,” before adding in another response to a fan that he has yet to receive a call from the Chicago rapper.

We got the same publicist and u have my phone number. I ain’t dodge’n u.”

In other related news, the survivor of a mass shooting that happened in a country where guns are completely illegal, Eagles of Death Metal vocalist Jesse Hughes came out against this “March for our Lives.”

He was on stage at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris on November 13, 2015 when 89 people were shot by terrorists.

According to USA Today:

“Writing on his personal Instagram page Sunday, Hughes told the survivors of February’s shooting in Parkland, Fla., that they had insulted the memories of their dead classmates and teachers by staging a walkout and taking days off school to travel to New York for media interviews and Washington for Saturday’s March for Our Lives.

He also pointed out that France’s gun control laws hadn’t protected him and his friends that night in Paris.

Before passing what he considered another useless law, Hughes wrote, “We’re going to denigrate the memory and curse ourselves by exploiting the death of 16 of our fellow students for a few Facebook likes and some media attention.””

It should be noted that it is uncomfortable to share an opinion with Trump supporters and people who believe in government and believe in the police and military and all that in this case. Regardless of the fact that sites like Fox News are reporting on Vic Mensa previously being arrested, the fact remains relevant.

Anybody could appreciate Vic Mensa for talking about other things he has in the past, like police brutality, or Standing Rock, but this opinion on gun control does not seem genuine at all.

Clearly this person is in with certain music industry associates (he’s with Roc Nation, you know the thing Jay-Z started). Clearly cliqued-up celebrities all come together and out of nowhere come up with the same opinion that promotes a hardcore, longterm government agenda because someone is getting paid. I don’t think this rapper supports Trump.. but he wants his government to disarm everyone.

And when aspiring artists choose to sell out and presumably get paid to take a stance like this, people who understand the importance of the right to bear arms become obligated to call them out. Vic: do you really want your people to be disarmed while the police who kill innocent people remain armed?

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