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Syrian Government Invites Chemical Weapons Inspectors To Investigate Chemical Attack



While the US government and their NATO allies were quick to blame the Syrian government for the recent chemical attack in Douma that reportedly killed dozens of people, no one has yet to provide any evidence linking the Assad regime to the attack.

Russian UN Security Council, Vassily Nebenzia said US attacks on Syria could lead to grave repercussions,” and said that the idea that Assad was behind the gas attacks was “fake news,” and pointed out that inspectors have not even been to the site yet.

The office of the Foreign Ministry in Syria said it had invited the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to come investigate the incident.

There have been numerous alleged gas attacks in the past that have allowed the US to continue and escalate their war in Syria, and each time no evidence was produced to justify the military action.

Theodore Postol, a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), made a statement after the previous gas attack saying that he does not believe the Assad regime was responsible for the attacks, and that it is possible the evidence was tampered with.

“I have reviewed the [White House’s] document carefully, and I believe it can be shown, without doubt, that the document does not provide any evidence whatsoever that the US government has concrete knowledge that the government of Syria was the source of the chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria at roughly 6am to 7am on 4 April, 2017. In fact, a main piece of evidence that is cited in the document point to an attack that was executed by individuals on the ground, not from an aircraft, on the morning of 4 April. This conclusion is based on an assumption made by the White House when it cited the source of the sarin release and the photographs of that source. My own assessment is that the source was very likely tampered with or staged, so no serious conclusion could be made from the photographs cited by the White House,” Postol said.

“All of these highly amateurish mistakes indicate that this White House report, like the earlier Obama White House Report [from Ghouta in 2013], was not properly vetted by the intelligence community as claimed. I have worked with the intelligence community in the past, and I have grave concerns about the politicisation of intelligence that seems to be occurring with more frequency in recent times – but I know that the intelligence community has highly capable analysts in it. And if those analysts were properly consulted about the claims in the White House document they would have not approved the document going forward,” he added.

Former congressman Ron Paul was even so bold as to call this most recent attack a potential “false flag.”

“An incident will occur and somebody will get blamed and it’s usually a false flag. Right now, recently, it’s all been in Syria, ‘Assad did it! Assad did it!’ No proof at all. The way the people that perpetuate these false flags [sic] say that Assad is gassing his own people, at the same time, he’s winning the war and the people are flocking back in to go to the territories that he has returned to the government of Syria. But, nevertheless, he’s out there gassing his own people, which makes no sense whatsoever and fewer and fewer people are believing this,” Paul said.

The news of these attacks came from a very sketchy source, a group known as the “white helmets” who have been known to work with terrorists to achieve regime change in Syria. The white helmets were also caught staging videos of atrocities in an attempt to bait western powers into war and were later forced to apologize.

This strong reaction from the US government is also suspicious considering the fact that the US military has been regularly killing innocent civilians with drones in the country for several years. This week’s death toll is small in comparison to the US military’s body count in the region.

In 2016, it was reported that 300 innocent civilians died as a result of just 11 different airstrikes conducted by a US-led coalition, and there have been far more than 11 airstrikes in Syria over the years.

Lynn Maalouf, Deputy Director for Research at Amnesty International’s Beirut regional office said that the CENTCOM is downplaying the human cost of the recent attacks

“We fear the US-led coalition is significantly underestimating the harm caused to civilians in its operations in Syria,” she said.

This is not the first time such a large death toll has occurred recently in Syria. Amnesty also documented that over 200 civilians were killed in a US-led attack on the city of Manbij, Syria.

This situation is eerily similar to the non-existent “weapons of mass destruction” that acted as a pretense for the invasion of Iraq.

George W. Bush blatantly lied to the American public about Iraq developing weapons of mass destruction, and when news came to light that there were, in fact, no weapons of mass destruction, he simply accused anyone who criticized him of attempting to “revise history”. During his presidency, while giving a speech about that very issue, Bush said, This nation acted to a threat from the dictator of Iraq. Now there are some who would like to rewrite history — revisionist historians is what I like to call them.

Tensions in Syria could ripple out to a larger conflict between Russia and the United States, who are caught up in a proxy war in the region.

The US military has reportedly ordered civilian planes to clear the skies in the area, but an official no-fly zone has not yet been declared.

The Telegraph reported that UK prime minister Theresa May has ordered submarines to travel within striking range of Syria, and said that strikes could begin as early as Thursday.

Meanwhile, Russian state news sources are giving people tips on how to prepare for Nuclear war, according to Newsweek.

Image: Smoke billows in the town of Douma, the last opposition holdout in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, on April 7, 2018, after Syrian troops resumed a military blitz to pressure rebels to withdraw. PHOTO: AFP/ Stringer.

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