War is a Racket: Trump Wants to Kill Syrians to Prevent Syrians from Killing Syrians

Donald Trump once said he would look Syrian child refugees in the eye and tell them to “go home.” He also said he would not only bomb the shit out of ISIS’ oil fields but that he would also kill the families of ISIS members. Intentionally or not, Trump has massacred entire families across the Middle East.

When he was shown a previously recorded CIA drone strike in which the agency held back on delivering the strike until the target was a far enough distance from his family home, Trump reportedly asked: “Why did you wait?”

In his first six months in office, Trump dropped 20,650 bombs. For reference, Barack Obama dropped 26,171 bombs in the entire 2016 year while Trump almost achieved nearly the same rate in his first six months, alone. Trump tripled the rate of bombs in Afghanistan. In Syria, a country he had no legal authorization to bomb in the first place, he presided over the destruction of roughly 80 percent of the city of Raqqa. According to a special report published by the Associated Press, the death toll of Trump’s campaign to retake Mosul in Iraq inherited from the Obama administration, left 9,000 civilians dead.

Right now, Donald Trump — in tandem with the media pundits and other hawkish government officials who benefit from this particular narrative — wants you to believe he cares about human rights in Syria. Supposedly, almost one year exactly after the last major alleged chemical attack, the Syrian government decided to honor Donald Trump’s infamous tomahawk strike on a Syrian airbase by committing yet another chemical gas attack.

“We cannot allow atrocities like that,” Trump reportedly said.

As one can expect, Trump is gearing up to deliver a response shortly.

“We’ll be making that decision very quickly probably by the end of the day,” Trump said, with war hawk John Bolton, his newly appointed national security advisor, sitting directly beside him. “Nothing is off the table … If it’s Russia, if it’s Syria, if it’s Iran, if it’s all of them together, we’ll figure it out, and we’ll know the answers quite soon. So we’re looking at that very, very strongly and very seriously,” he said.

There’s even an allegation circulating in the media, based on a court-action filed in a Court in Washington, that the Assad government assassinated a journalist. This is the major problem with western media’s selective outrage. Right now, Israel is openly assassinating journalists in Gaza, even as they don big vests marked “PRESS.” Israel shot and killed nine protesters just last Friday alone, injuring another 500 in the process. Twenty-one protesters had already been killed in the protests that took place shortly beforehand, and over 1,000 were allegedly injured then, too.

These are unarmed protesters requesting the right to return to the land they were displaced from. Donald Trump does not care about these innocent people trapped in what is widely regarded as an open-air prison; in fact, his declaration marking Jerusalem the capital of Israel has already raised the stakes for the amount of bloodshed in this particular conflict.

Donald Trump does not care about human rights. He does not see images of dead Syrian children and decide it’s time to put an end to humanitarian atrocities, all the while he kills Syrian, Iraqi, and Yemeni children left, right, and center. He does not believe Assad is an “animal” and that Putin bears responsibility for this “animal” given there is no bigger animal than the American war machine, which decimates entire countries one by one.

Anyone who believes this nonsense — including and especially the media pundits who insist on propagating this one-sided neocon mindset to lead us blind-folded into a potential world war —deserves what’s coming next.

This article originally appeared on The Anti-Media by Darius Shahtahmasebi and is republished here with permission.

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