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Norway Destroyed Libya: How the “Peaceful” Countries Wage War Too



The nation with the highest standard of living in Africa, Libya, was destroyed in 2011 by a coalition of forces led by the United States. It was at least 19 countries and NATO, all participating together in one hunt for a man named Gaddafi.

Now, the country formerly recognized as the most prosperous, peaceful nation in Africa has been reduced to a hellhole rife with human trafficking, slavery, and terrorism. People know the coalition’s actions to destroy the regime (and life of) Gaddafi are why Libya is in the state it’s in now.

Among people who paid attention, it is known that Hillary Clinton personally laughed about killing this guy on camera, saying “We came, we saw, he died,” but fewer people know the other parties who bear responsibility for the tragic result of this military action.

These actions should not be forgotten: some governments play a role in NATO, in global dominance by this certain block of power, that is so insidious it should teach people a thing or two about the nature of power and discretion.

The most effective cover possible for a war-waging, blood thirsty regime just as willing to kill innocent civilians as the US, is this image that the country is some peaceful, calm bastion of tranquility. I’m talking about countries like Norway, or Denmark.

When you think of Norway, you definitely don’t think of a nation that dropped over 500 bombs on Libya in 2011. Yet, that’s exactly what they did. At least 588 bombs were dropped onto Libya by Norway.

According to a Norwegian article translated to English, 60 years ago Norway built its reputation and national identity as peacekeeper and world champion in aid.” However, that reputation has proven to be nothing but an extremely effective, strategic disguise for just another NATO ally, willing to follow orders and destroy whoever the international “community” wants destroyed.

Keep in mind, all of this happened in Libya 7 years ago: they are probably more ready for a NATO-led conflict now, in Syria possibly.

The government of Norway is firmly allied with NATO. Together, NATO and Norway tried to justify their actions in Libya by emphasizing that bombing targets were carefully chosen with the “aid of first-hand intelligence.”

However, Norwegian pilots coerced into dropping bombs on Libya admitted that in most of the missions, they themselves had to choose the targets from the cockpit of a F16 jet.

75% of the Norwegian bombing missions were basically just pilots finding targets to strike, officially titled “SCAR” missions (Strike Coordination and Reconnaissance). They also selected targets to be struck by other allied forces, according to the purposefully difficult to decipher reporting on the matter.

Norway carried out around 15% of all airstrikes to hit targets in Libya in the beginning of the “civil” war in 2011, and contradictory information is floating around about who decided what targets to strike.

According to Science Nordic:

“No Norwegian bombs fell on Kosovo when Norway joined the international forces there in 1999. In Norway’s two periods of operations in Afghanistan [Operation Enduring Freedom and ISAF], it only dropped seven bombs.

But in Libya that number jumped to 588.”

At least 240 “laser guided smart bombs” were dropped onto targets in Libya by the Canadian Forces. At least 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles were fired in Libya by the American and British Naval Forces just in the very beginning, before French jets started launching air strikes against Libyan army vehicles and tanks.

It was as bad as you could imagine, and who knows how many innocent people were killed.

Greek islands were utilized for attacking Libya, with Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou volunteering the use of the island of Crete, which is directly between Italy and Libya, to help air operations headed to carry out the bidding of NATO.

From a NATO base in Naples, Italy, in close proximity to Libya which is very close to southern Europe, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says operational command will be “probably carried out” at the time.

Canada, France, and the UK of course played much more significant roles, yet the participation of these seemingly peaceful Nordic countries and European powers is disturbing to say the least.

Remember, it’s 2018: this all happened an entire 7 years ago. And here’s another reason why they destroyed Libya: for practice, because one day this coalition of powers will decide they have all the justification they need to destroy Iran in a similar fashion.

The Libyan “civil” war was no more “civil” than the war in Syria. The goal in Syria and Iran is the same, and the endgame is obvious.

Just a few months ago, the US, UK, and France all teamed up to bomb Syria, and it served the purpose of normalizing such a situation so next time, maybe it will be 19 countries all fully unleashing their force on the government of Syria.

Just remember, those quiet countries have the perfect image and alibi to get away with whatever they want, helping NATO.


(Image credit: pixabay, combinedops, dispatcheseurope, lasentinel, crossedcrocodiles, scoopempire)

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