The Rothschild Mercury Mines of Almadén: Population Control Agent of Antiquity

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Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on Earth, a classic poison that can be found in nature. In its various compounds, it is known to cause depression, anxiety, neurological disorders, thoughts of suicide, chronic illness, fatigue and a litany of other health problems. It takes a person “down a notch,” in every possible way hormonally, mentally, and physically.

Historically it has been extracted from its red cinnabar ore most notably in Spain and the central European country of Slovenia. It is used in fluorescent light bulbs, mercury amalgam dental fillings, and other applications that always end up poisoning people.

The history of mercury is extremely relevant to us today. It is a chemical responsible for much of the illness we feel today, one that causes depression and neurological disease and is nearly impossible to remove from the body, toxic in extremely minuscule amounts. Learning about the history of mercury can possibly tell us a bit about why mercury is mysteriously prevalent today.

This is the first article in a two-part series, meant to provide information for uncovering a possibility.

It is the possibility that maybe mercury is considered a kind of hallmark poison, a useful tool against the civilian population, by an elite class of people whose royal ancestors have historically used this same substance to deliberately poison our ancestors of the civilian class.

As a poison of antiquity that was used to dumb down and punish the serfs, European poor people, here’s a question.

Is this poison still being used as a tool to dumb down and depress the masses today, as the royals and bankers seemed to use it back then? Yes, German bankers and Spanish royals to be specific.

Here’s the history.

What else was the Spanish Crown doing in the 1500’s, while the colonial power was brutally conquering Central and South America?

The Spanish Crown was turning a profit using slave laborers, prisoners, and misled folks to mine mercury out of the mines at Almadén. This area in the western center of Spain was the world’s largest mercury mine by volume of output, producing about 250,000 metric tons of mercury in the past 2,000 years.

Originally a Roman settlement, the town of Almadén was captured in 1151 by Alfonso VII, and it was given to the Knights of the Order of Calatrava.

The Romans used cinnabar for red pigment although it is extremely toxic, the ore of mercury. As many aspects of the system we find ourselves in seem to find origin in Ancient Rome, they too convinced the civilian population to be exposed to it.

The Romans punished people by sending them to mercury mines. According to an academic page at

“The Romans used their mercury mines as penal institutions for criminals, slaves, and other undesirables. The warders were among the first to recognize that there was a high likelihood that the prisoners would become poisoned and spare the keepers the need for formal executions. Mercury is primarily a neurological poison, causing tremors, extreme mood changes, and eventually loss of hearing and restricted vision. Certain forms of mercury poisoning also cause damage to the liver and kidneys. The life span of a worker in those mines was tragically brief.”

Here’s a question that was left out of our history textbooks: who gave the Spanish Crown the money to conquer Central America, and South America?

German bankers gave money to the Spanish Crown, and in exchange those German bankers known as the Fuggers of Augsburg administered the mines during the 1500’s and 1600’s in return for loans issued to Spain.

Mercury was valuable in the 1500’s and 1600’s, because it was used to extract the other metals from gold and silver ore, to effectively extract and purify gold and silver via a process known as amalgation.

Mercury was necessary to make those essential materials, gold and silver, valuable: therefore these German bankers were willing to in part, bankroll the colonial destruction of the Americas by the Spanish by operating these mercury mines.

So German bankers and the Spanish Royals wanted to extract mercury from Almadén: but they didn’t want to personally go into those mines and get poisoned with something that causes depression and neurological disorders, something that is nearly impossible to remove from the body. The poor may not have known it was toxic, but the wealthy certainly did.

So instead, they sent prisoners, slaves, and common people who were duped into the job. Poor people who had no other means to support their families were forced to work in the mines of Almadén.

In 1566, the German bankers (the Fuggers) failed to meet production quotas in the mercury mines. In response, 30 prisoners were sent by the King of Spain to labor away at Almadén. In 1583, this number increased to 40.

The prisoners, known as “forzados,” were selected from a group of convicts waiting for transport to the galleys from the jail of Toledo.

Although the king insisted living conditions at the mines were fine, between 1566 and 1593, 24% of all convicts died before their release dates.

A slow, excruciatingly painful death that came with an Alzheimer’s-type insanity was handed down to these prisoners, a result of the mercury poisoning. The prisoners experienced severe pains in the body, loss of sanity, trembling limbs, depression, anxiety and worse. Almost all of the men at the even more dangerous furnaces died of the poisoning.

Slaves imported from Northern Africa were also subject to poisoning at the mines, and by 1613, the slaves joined the forzados at a two to one ratio.

The Fugger concession was canceled by 1645 and the Spanish government took over the mines.

Every last capital criminal was to be sent to the mines of Almadén by court order in 1749, but since it was so many people, that definitive sentence was canceled by 1751.

By 1801, the penal establishment at Almadén was closed. Why? Because the ruling class managed to make people forget all about the fact that mercury is toxic.

Something started to happen in the 1800’s, where the ruling class made the civilians forget that mercury was toxic, or at least forget that its toxicity was a crucial problem.

Mercury was purposefully given to people as medicine throughout the western world to “displace the original disease.” This was in an era of allopathic “medicine” where leeches, mercury, lead and other toxic metals were fed to people and they called that medicine.

So with that, workers voluntarily came to be poisoned at Almadén.

Here’s where it gets crazy: the Rothschild Bank leased the Almadén mine indefinitely in 1835. The Rothschild Bank had previously obtained the mercury mine in Slovenia, then known as Idrija.

The Rothschild Firm had a monopoly on mercury until the discovery of the horrible New Almadén in California, and this was during the exact same time that doctors began poisoning people with mercury to allegedly cure disease.

Doctors still poison people with mercury today to allegedly cure disease.

Mercury is present in vaccines that are known to kill and injure people, still in the standard Sanofi flu shot for example, despite popular myths claiming mercury is no longer present.

Despite quiet, official government vaccine injury reports that admit people die from vaccines (VAERS reports), most people don’t know this.

This article proposes a theory that throughout antiquity, ruling powers knew of the depression inducing, civilian-controlling attributes of mercury, and they purposefully poisoned people with it to make them docile and complicit, or sometimes to punish them.

This theory contends that the Rothschilds had a monopoly on mercury in the 1800’s, in part because they were interested in convincing the civilian population to consume it.

It is an irrefutable, historical fact that during the time in which doctors gave patients mercury, the Rothschild firm had a monopoly on mercury coming from Almadén and Idrija, which means they had a role in poisoning civilians with it.

I believe this is no accident, and it wasn’t some accident that lead used to be present in dishes, silverware, and things people eat off of.

Mercury is a substance that the royals and the people in power have preferred to poison civilians with since antiquity, and it still goes on today under a socially acceptable, and physically detrimental practice.

From mercury amalgam dental fillings to mercury-laden vaccines, today we might as well still be slaving away at Almadén like some of our ancestors.


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