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48 People Have Been Reported Missing in 10 Days, In One Small State



According to the Iowa Department of Public Safety, as cited by a local mainstream news article, 48 people have gone missing in the state of Iowa in a span of merely 10 days.

According to a local KIMT3 news article:

“The Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce is doing its part to try and help those who go missing and become sex trafficked by teaching hotel employees and anyone else the signs of a person in danger.

They say people need to be looking out for anything out of the ordinary and report it to police. But with some many people gone missing, they say it hits close to home.
“We have so many events in our community so there’s always people you don’t recognize,” said Libbey Hahn, the Tourism Director for the Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce. “That is worrisome because you might not notice people, so the key is just to notice people and just to be aware.””

The article pointed out that some of these people may have chosen to go missing on their own accord, but when you think about it, no sense can be made out of that many people all deciding to drop off the map at the same time in a sparsely populated, Midwestern state.

They say that out of 20 people recently reported as missing in the state, 17 are teenagers. Among them is a university student named Mollie Tibbetts.

The list of missing persons is as follows:

List of recently reported missing persons in Iowa
Name, Originating Agency, Age, Last contact

Mckenna Driver, Davenport, age 15, July 26

Erik Magnussen, Pottawattamie County SO, age 14, July 26

Anna Marousek, Des Moines, age 17, July 26

Daishaney Phillips, Davenport, age 16, July 26

Ashleigh Schossow, Cedar Rapids, age 13, July 26

Aryana Usher, Cedar Rapids, age 16, July 26

Emagehn Champagne, Clinton, age 17, July 25

Luke Cox, Council Bluffs, age 26, July 25

Christian Luhr, Fairfield, age 25, July 25

Serenity Wieman, Davenport, age 13, July 25

Tyron Woolery, Des Moines, age 16, July 25

Maydelin Guerra-Albatado, Des Moines, age 15, July 25

Alberta Harlan, Indianola, age 16, July 24

Belinda James, Council Bluffs, age 15, July 24

Asa Starr, Sioux City, age 14, July 24

Summer Williams, Des Moines, age 17, July 24

Yvette Avila, Cedar Rapids, age 17, July 23

Isabelle Buckman, Council Bluffs, age 14, July 23

Martin Smith, Ottumwa, age 57, July 23

Thomas Bishop, Cedar County SO, age 16, July 22

Shane Kellum, Cedar Falls, age 43, July 22

Mary Schultz, Sioux City, age 55, July 22

Kristen Golliher, Keokuk, age 32, July 21

Yaritza Arita, Des Moines, 15, July 20

Joesaiah Armstrong, Davenport, age 14, July 20

Madeline Francis, Davenport, age 15, July 20

Larry Hook, Iowa City, age 39, July 20

Nia How, Waukee, age 15, July 20

Joshua Wallace, Washington County SO, age 17, July 20

Nazario Campbell, Cedar Rapids, age 13, July 19

Caleb Rennie, Council Bluffs, age 19, July 19

Malachi Vanderpool, Cedar Rapids, age 15, July 19

Mackenzy York, Mason City, age 15, July 19

David Harn, Waverly, age 16, July 18

Mollie Tibbetts, Poweshiek County, age 20, July 18

Hunter Alberts, Keokuk, age 16, July 17

Jayvreon Quinn, Des Moines, age 15, July 17

The phenomena of missing people who are never found is quite a strange and horrifying thing. The ultimate defense against anything like this can only possibly be identified as self defense.

Awareness, alertness, and the arms necessary for sufficient self defense: that may be the best strategy to combat the individuals who would kidnap people for whatever reason they would commit such an egregious act.

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