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George H.W. Bush’s Cardiologist Shot to Death in Bicycle Drive-By



In a bicycle to bicycle drive-by shooting on the southwest side of Houston, Texas, a cardiologist who quite publicly treated former US President George H.W. Bush was killed Friday morning not far from Texas Medical Center.

65 year old Dr. Mark Hausknecht was the man who passed away. This is a photo of him with the former president.

Image credit: David J. Phillip/AP


He was shot and killed as he and the shooter encountered each other on bicycles. According to the official narrative, the doctor was riding north when he passed the shooter going the opposite direction. The shooter turned after passing him, and fired two shots at him, before riding away on his bike.

The doctor was rushed to a nearby hospital, before passing away from his injuries.

According to CNN:

“Finner said investigators didn’t know if the shooting was targeted, random or caused by road rage. He said a few people witnessed the shooting and video may become available.

In an updated description, the suspect is said to be a white or Hispanic male, about 30 years old, wearing a tan baseball cap, gray warmup jacket, khaki shorts and riding a light-colored mountain bike bicycle.”

Image credit: ABC13


That certainly fits the definition of an assassination. Further increasing the odds that this was a targeted hit, in Houston, Texas random civilians don’t get shot nearly as often in even the worse neighborhoods, compared to a city like Chicago or Oakland for example.

Southwest Houston indeed is one of the less safe areas, like the 3rd and 5th Wards, or the South Park area, but the odds that this was a random act of violence are extremely low in Houston.


Image credit: righteousmoving


In a sort of creepy recognition of the event, a spokesman for the 94 year old former president, Jim McGrath issued a statement that said:

“President George HW Bush was deeply saddened by the tragic circumstances surrounding the untimely passing of Dr. Mark Hausknecht, and 41 sends his most sincere condolences to the Hausknecht family, his colleagues at Houston Methodist, and his friends.”

“Mark was a fantastic cardiologist and a good man,” the first President Bush added in the statement. “I will always be grateful for his exceptional, compassionate care. His family is in our prayers.”

Disturbingly enough, it seems that a hood culture of “mercenaryism” as one might call it is on the rise. Some people are raised into this philosophy of hustling, and sacrificing all morality for money. Whoever has the money, some very young kids growing up now might be willing to do extreme things to earn it.

This culture and structure in neighborhoods across America is unfortunately, probably possible to tap into for powerful people. In other words, very wealthy people have a lot of hired guns to choose from nowadays because a culture that supports sacrificing morality for money has infected the most impoverished neighborhoods in America. This isn’t to suggest that for absolute certain, this doctor was assassinated. This isn’t to suggest that anybody in particular wanted him dead, but what else is there to do but theorize?

With a story like this, it’s nearly impossible for anybody on the outside to imagine what could have really happened. One thing is certain though: when there’s a culture that creates mercenaries and people willing to sacrifice all morality for money, the world becomes a darker place.


(Image credit: Pixabay)

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