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Only the Youngest People can Possibly Wake Up Now



(Note: this is an opinion article.)


It’s 2018. About 5 years ago, any activist could tell you people felt a wave of inspiration.

2013 was a special year: it was one where the alternative media really started to explode through the new medium of social media. People were questioning the official narrative about various topics, protest movements sprung up at the same time in the West as protests in other parts of the world, and for a moment it seemed as if we really had a chance at waking up a massive amount of people, exponentially making a difference.

When I say waking people up, I mean getting them to understand that we could live much better lives, with freedom and enough to sustain ourselves, without having to be subject to wage slavery. You know exactly what I’m talking about when the word “awake” is used.

However, this wave of inspiration that seemed to really peak in the first 5 years of this decade has certainly died down. It seems to be both the natural rising and falling tides of collective inspiration, and a brutal campaign of social media censorship that has been launched against the alternative media.

Since 2016, when some people in power seemingly used the election as a reason to justify social media censorship and “fake news” checks, it’s been almost impossible to reach massive amounts of people on social media with interesting ideas, knowledge, all of these things that were flourishing several years ago.

That’s how a person from the alternative media sees it, but wouldn’t you agree that in general, collective inspiration for making the world a better place has declined in the last few years?

How else are people supposed to feel, when protesting doesn’t work, nothing really works to change the seemingly unstoppable course humanity is on, to lazily sleepwalk into a totalitarian, technocratic nightmare where nobody can recognize the myriad ways we are being harvested and abused by the faceless oligarchs?

At this point, people who care about preserving a future, people who know what you could say “awake” people know, have to think very carefully about what they can do to simply leave a good impact on this world, to do what they can to make it a better, more free, and more resilient (to totalitarianism) place.

In my opinion, those who care to know the truth know, and those adults who don’t care to know the truth never will, with the exception of rare, intense events that completely activate a person’s desire to care later in life.

That means the only people left who can change their minds and decide to care about the future, decide to understand we are not free and we are not being treated right by the people with power in this world, are the very youngest people.

Teenagers, people coming of age right now: these are the people who will inherit the world, and they need to understand it’s not headed in the right direction. They’re the ones who need to understand we are being manipulated, harvested, lied to, and everything else.

So when activists think long and hard about what they can do to improve the human condition, humbly leave a little good mark on the world, one thing they can do is reach out to the youngest people around them.

People can explain the truth to their younger brothers and sisters, cousins and family friends, and families can all talk about things together. We need better communication in this era, and a resilient culture to totalitarianism if we’re going to have anything nice, or anything even remotely free in the future.


(Image credit: commons.wikimedia, theoptimisticconservative, youtube, mashable, rt)

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