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NATO Threatening War With Russia After Ukrainian Ships Seized




Late last week, the UK announced that they would be deploying more ground forces to aid the Ukrainian government as well as bulking up the naval defenses in the Black Sea. This would include deploying a Royal Navy ship to the area to “defend Ukrainian sovereignty” and their territorial waters.

The problem with countries like the UK, the US and their proxies like Ukraine talk about deployments like this is conflict zones is the lines marking “friendly” and “hostile territory are often confusing. This is true of Ukraine both on land, where the west refuses to recognize the Crimean Peninsula as Russian territory, and in the waters around Ukraine where NATO ships often antagonize Russian craft and blame Moscow.

This has now happened again in an even larger fashion than normal when, on Sunday, Ukrainian ships, likely emboldened by the renewed western support, moved into Russian territorial waters in the Sea of Azov.

The latest incident took place late on Sunday night in local time, when three Ukrainian ships including The Berdiansk were fired on by Russian security forces and then boarded by Russian forces, supposedly unprovoked. However, Russia is already arguing this allegation, saying the Ukrainian military ships had illegally entered Russian waters.

While it is unlikely we will ever know who is telling the truth, much like every incident that has a NATO and a Russian side to it, we do know that this direct clash between Russian and Ukrainian forces is a new escalation in the simmering conflict between NATO and Russia over Ukraine.

It is unclear what exactly would drive Russia to make such an aggressive move though since Moscow knows very well that any direct attack on Kiev’s forces with the official elements of Russian defense could lead to a wider European conflict. Ukraine, on the other hand, happened to be making preparations for another move at the same time they were allegedly not violating Russian waters.

This other front opened by Kiev’s forces almost simultaneously was in the ground war in the eastern regions of Ukraine.

On the same day, Russia was capturing Kiev’s vessels, Ukrainian forces also launched a heavy artillery barrage on the Donbass region. Among the targets hit by this latest Ukrainian barrage were multiple residential buildings, which are often among Kiev’s targets in the east.

The Donbass region plays host to tons of offensives similar to this one, but they are often ignored by western media because the Russian speaking civilians don’t help Washington’s propaganda, However the people of the Donbass are very familiar with these kinds of attacks and expect them to increase as more missiles continue to be promised to Kiev, including some polish weapons set to be delivered later this week.

Both of these incidents show that NATO’s plans to spark full-blown war in Ukraine have not been called off. With the decline of imperialist plans in Syria, it is no surprise more weapons are being sent to Ukraine to attempt to apply more pressure on Moscow through Kiev rather than Damascus.

This move could have dangerous repercussions, even more so that in Syria, because any full war over Ukraine could much more easily become a wider European war. Ukraine is desperate to appease, and like join, NATO and the western capitals are more than happy to allow Kiev to take the brunt of the damage in any conflict to make this possible.

Kiev seems willing to oblige NATO, already proposing the implementation of martial law as a response to the supposed Russian attack. It is unclear how the addition of more military personnel into areas of Ukraine under Kiev’s control would help tackle problems with Russia, it would allow the government of Petro Poroshenko a chance to secure power by canceling elections as long as the law is suspended.

So far, Russia seems to be the only one attempting to avoid this potentially deadly outcome, calling for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to resolve disputes over waters around Ukraine. While it is likely Russia will get their session in New York, it is unlikely the west will make any real attempts at finding a peaceful outcome if the last few years of Ukraine negotiations are any indication of a pattern.

By Jim Carey / Creative Commons / Geopolitics Alert


Police Rescue Dogs Trapped In Car on Sizzling Hot Day, Owners Complain About Broken Window

Elias Marat



Police in the UK acted quickly to save a two dogs locked inside a car in sizzling hot temperatures by smashing open a window, upsetting the car’s owner over the damage.

Officers responded Sunday to reports that a beagle and another dog were trapped in a car parked in the seaside British city of Brighton on a day of boiling heat.

In video captured of the incident, an officer can be seen jamming his baton through a rear window before finally shattering it to free the pooches.

This prompts the car alarm to go off as the car’s owners can be seen rushing toward it, upset over the police intervention.

A woman, standing with her shocked family, says: “You broke my window out!”

One of the officer responded: “It’s a hot day. You shouldn’t be leaving the dog in the car in this weather.”

The incident happened on a day when people across the region flock to the seaside resort city to dip into the beaches amid surging hot temperatures.

The onlooker who filmed the incident noted that the owners seemed unaware of the dangers posed to their pets by weather conditions.

“Where they had parked there is just no shade,” they told The Sun. “It’s directly on the seafront in 25°C (77°F) weather outside – I’ve got no idea what it was inside the car.”

The family was indignant over what they claim was an overreaction by the police.

“At first it was ‘what the f*** are you doing, why did you break my car window? I was only gone for 10 minutes,’” another witness explained.

“The bloke obviously thought he was completely in the right,” they added. “He didn’t really seem to have much empathy.”

According to UK animal welfare group RSPCA, outside temperatures of 22°C (71°F) can reach a brutal 47°C (116.6°F) inside a car within an hour.

“Police officers attended and tried to get a contact number for the owners of the car but were unable,” a Sussex Police spokesperson said. “Officers had no choice but to smash the side window to gain access and a kind member of the public donated a bottle of water.”

Authorities added that the officers let the pet owners off with a stern warning, without ticketing the family or separating their dogs from them.

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Scientists Prove What Causes Aurora Borealis for the First Time

Elias Marat



Since the dawn of time, humans have been mystified by what causes the aurora borealis or northern lights. However, a group of scientists have finally uncovered what causes the dazzling lightshow that has captivated people for so long.

Researchers at the University of Iowa have proven that the shimmering auroras are the result of powerful electromagnetic waves during geomagnetic storms, according to a newly published study.

According to the study, phenomena known as Alfven waves propel electrons toward Earth and cause the particles to produce the brilliant display of northern lights seen in the higher latitudes of our planet,

“Measurements revealed this small population of electrons undergoes ‘resonant acceleration’ by the Alfven wave’s electric field, similar to a surfer catching a wave and being continually accelerated as the surfer moves along with the wave,” Prof. Greg Howes, a co-author of the study, told CNN.

Scientists have long understood that the aurora was the likely result of electrons surfing across the electric field, at least since the theory was introduced in 1946 by Soviet scientist Lev Landau.

However, the University of Iowa professors were able to finally put the theory to the test through a simulation at a lab at the Large Plasma Device (LPD) in the Basic Plasma Science Facility of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Using a 20-meter-long chamber to simulate the magnetic field of the Earth through state-of-the-art magnetic field coils, scientists were able to generate plasma similar to that which exists in spac.

“Using a specially designed antenna, we launched Alfven waves down the machine, much like shaking a garden hose up and down quickly, and watching the wave travel along the hose,” said Howes.

While this didn’t result in the type of auroras we might see in the sky, “our measurements in the laboratory clearly agreed with predictions from computer simulations and mathematical calculations, proving that electrons surfing on Alfven waves can accelerate the electrons (up to speeds of 45 million mph) that cause the aurora,” Howes noted.

Scientists across the country were elated by the results of the experiment.

“I was tremendously excited! It is a very rare thing to see a laboratory experiment that validates a theory or model concerning the space environment,” said Patrick Koehn, a scientist in the Heliophysics Division of NASA.

“Space is simply too big to easily simulate in the lab,” he added.

Researchers are hopeful that a greater understanding will allow forecasters to better understand weather conditions in space.

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Arizona Restores Gas Chamber Where ‘Nazi-Era’ Gas Will be Used for Executions

Elias Marat



Arizona has restored an old gas chamber retired during the 20th century in a bid to continue executing its inmates on death row, renewing criticisms about capital punishment and a method of execution the United States once rejected for being excessively cruel and unusual.

The gas chamber, which hasn’t been operated since it executed its last inmate 1999, has been refurbished to ensure that it can properly function as an option for death row prisoners to choose, reports Associated Press.

The move comes after the Grand Canyon State made a large purchase of ingredients to manufacture its own hydrogen cyanide gas.

The same chemicals Arizona plans on using were also used by the Nazis during the holocaust under the brand name Zyklon B. News articles about Arizona’s plans have provoked outrage among survivors of Nazi death camps in Germany and Israel.

“Whether or not one supports the death penalty as a general matter, there is general agreement in American society that a gas devised as a pesticide, and used to eliminate Jews, has no place in the administration of criminal justice,” wrote the American Jewish Committee said in a statement. 

The federal government has also used the gas in past executions of prisoners.

Arizona’s revival of the old execution method comes as prison authorities across the country continue to grapple with problems over another form of execution decried by critics as brutal, namely the use of lethal injection.

Once depicted as a more humane and painless form of killing prisoners, lethal injection has often led to slow, torturous and excruciating deaths. Additionally, many of the chemicals used in lethal injection drugs are impossible to attain due to the refusal of drug makers to continue manufacturing them – effectively cutting off the “choices” given to death row inmates about their preferred method of death.

In South Carolina, a recently-passed law would see inmates being forced to choose between firing squad and an electric chair, reports NPR.

In the waning days of the Trump administration, the outgoing president also vigorously pushed to fast-track the use of death by firing squad and death by electrocution.

At the time, former federal prosecutor Miriam Krinsky, who also heads the Fair and Just Prosecution advocacy group, said:

“As we find itself in the midst of a national reckoning with racism and our history of racial violence, ending the death penalty must be part of our transformation … Abolishing the death penalty would be a signal that the Biden-Harris administration is committed to fairness, equity, and evidence-based justice — and the time for this definitive move is long overdue.”

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