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The Other Side of George H.W. Bush That Nobody Is Talking About




Former President George H.W. Bush has passed on, but much like any political figure who squirms their way to the top of the D.C. ranks, the elder Bush committed international crimes in everything he touched. From his humble beginnings as the son of Nazi collaborator Prescott Bush, George Sr. was bred for the exact type of ‘greatness’ and he didn’t disappoint.

Bush Sr. had his beginnings as a senator (which implicates him in US crimes right off the bat) and as the US ambassador to the United Nations, but he quickly worked his way up. His time as a senator was short-lived, however, and he quickly moved on to much more devilish endeavors. From his time as CIA director to his tenure as Vice-President for Ronald Reagan to his apex of power as a one-term President, regardless of what the Western media may say, George Herbert Walker Bush has a legacy of violence which we will lay out here from his days in the CIA on.

Director of Central Intelligence

Since his death on Saturday, the media in the US has been painting Bush Sr.’s time as Director of Central Intelligence as a period of “reform” inside The Company. Unfortunately for outlets like The Washington Post and the old Grey Lady, The New York Times, this isn’t the truth. In reality, although Bush may supposedly clean up the abuses exposed in the Church Committee (which exposed the CIA, FBI, NSA’s and other intelligence agency abuses throughout the Vietnam War era including operations like COINTELPRO), in reality, Bush Sr.’s time at the CIA cleared the deck for a leadership that would permit the kinds of abuses that became standard under the Reagan regime, which used this “new” CIA to the full extent.

The major case that demonstrates just what Bush’s tenure at the CIA was really about is that of Marcos Orlando Letelier.

Marcos Orlando Letelier was a true statesman – unlike Bush – who had served under the left-leaning popularly elected Chilean President Salvador Allende as the Chilean ambassador to the United States. While this is a respectable position, he didn’t serve the government of Chile for long and lost his position when the military deposed Allende.

Following the removal of Allende, Letelier was forced to flee Chile and soon found himself in Washington D.C. where he became a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). While at the IPS Letelier spent most of his time denouncing the “Chicago Boys” who had helped General D******* Pinochet set up an economy ripe for extortion by neoliberal profiteers on Wall Street.

These denouncements of the new fascist regime in Chile soon caused tension due to Pinochet’s deep connections to Washington (and the CIA). In the end, this resulted in Letelier’s assassination by car bomb right in the middle of Washington D.C. in Sheridan Circle, one of the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

Much like the current investigation into the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the media was angry about the murder of Letelier but the CIA under Bush wasn’t concerned. At the time the official line from the CIA was that the Chilean intelligence agencies and police were not involved with the assassination, saying ““The [Central Intelligence] agency reached its decision because the bomb was too crude to be the work of experts and because the murder, coming while Chile’s rulers were wooing U.S. support, could only damage the Santiago regime.”

While you could dispute what time of bomb a secret police organization would use to murder a dissident this still overlooked a majority of the facts, which were obscured by the CIA. It later came out the CIA had known the Pinochet Regime was behind the murder of

This later turned out to be a complete lie and it turned out to be absolutely evident to the CIA. Letelier was murdered by the underlings of Pinochet and George Bush Sr. definitely knew, and this would set a pattern for when the elder Bush had his hands on power again.

Vice-President to Ronald Reagan

While George Bush may not have been needed during the Carter Regime, the supposed “dove” President laid the foundation for the foreign policy of the Reagan Regime and George Bush Sr. was there to help keep this machinery running.

One major aspect of Carter’s foreign policy that carried over to the Reagan Regime was the support for the ‘Afghan rebels’ fighting the ‘Soviet occupation’. While Carter may have started the funding for the groups that would later evolve into the Taliban, it was Reagan and Bush who pumped a shot of adrenaline into the veins of the “Afghan resistance.” This resistance quickly evolved into the murderous Taliban which would plague Bush Sr. through his time as President.

Beyond this greatest hit, Bush also aided Reagan in his numerous interventions in Latin America. Wherever there was a democratically elected government or a popular uprising in Washington’s “backyard,” Reagan and Bush’s fingerprints were always all over violent right-wing neoliberal movements and dictators.

One standout group from this era is the Contras in Nicaragua who carried out a decades-long campaign of violence and terrorism against the Sandinista government and their supporters. While the Contras started out as real losers it was the “reformed” CIA stepping in 1981 that taught them the art of terror and revived the militia.

There was soon a problem, however, as these new tactics being used by the Contras definitely made for bad optics back in Washington. Under pressure from US voters, the Senate put an end to funding the Contras but that didn’t stop Reagan, George Bush or his old pals in the intelligence deep state.

Covert operations to arm the Contras were expanded and instead by the National Security Council (NSC) under Oliver North who used arms sales to Iran and a series of Swiss bank accounts to get money to Nicaragua. This was all pinned on North once it became public in the Iran-Contra hearings but most people have little doubt Reagan likely knew what was going on. Coincidentally – much like Bush – North now regularly appears on television news as an “expert” and “analyst” and is lauded for his “service” to the country.

The Iran-Contra affair also revealed massive amounts of c****** coming out of Central and South America with aid from the NSC and CIA. Oliver North himself was alleged to have been in contact with Panamanian President drug lord Manuel Noriega. Both Noriega in Panama and the Contras in Nicaragua used drug profits to fuel their operations, with full knowledge of the United States.

On top of this, most of this c****** was going into the US, with help trafficking it from elements within the CIA. This helped fuel the crack epidemic of the mid-1980s which Reagan responded to with draconian laws such as mandatory minimum sentences which put crack users – typically poor inner city African Americans – in prisons for decades longer than those caught with powder c******.

This was all done in the name of the Reagan doctrine, from Afghanistan to El SalvadorChile, Nicaragua, GrenadaArgentina and Honduras, anyone who was “anti-communist” could get cash, arms or training at the notorious School of the Americas where the worst butchers in Latin America were trained.

There were further policies and actions of Reagan that Bush also supported and carried on into his presidency. This includes the bombing of Libya, Reagan’s backing reactionary forces in the Lebanese civil war, the downing of an Iranian passenger flight, and the support for the apartheid regime in South Africa even in the face of opposition in the House of Representatives which overturned a veto by the President.

Bush as President

Following eight years of bloodshed and crime with the Reagan regime, Bush got the nod from the GOP to run for President himself. Bush managed to win the general election and soon began cementing his own presidential legacy.

Beyond just continuing to support the host of right-wing regimes originally installed by Reagan, George Bush soon embarked on foreign policy ventures of his own. Most notable among these is the first war on Iraq after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

Despite the Reagan regime having no problem helping Saddam wage war against Iran prior to Bush’s time as President, the previous CIA asset allegedly “went rogue” and invaded Kuwait. While there is some debate on whether there was some confusion if the Iraqi invasion was mistakenly seen as having US approval due to some comments made by then-diplomat April Glaspie it was soon denounced by Bush who ramped up the war machine for Desert Shield and Storm.

The one problem Bush did have was that most Americans didn’t give a s*** about who controlled Kuwaiti oil fields. It was in reaction to this that Bush also ramped up the war machine to lie his way into invading Iraq, which may sound familiar to followers of George Bush Jr.’s career.

Most egregious of these lies, hands down, was the testimony of Nayirah who was sold to the US media as an impartial party in the war in Kuwait. In her testimony, Nayirah described scenes of Iraqi soldiers dumping babies out of incubators in Kuwaiti maternity wards.

This story, much like 2003’s WMD narrative turned out to be entirely false. On top of that Nayirah turned out to be the daughter of Saud Nasir al-Sabah, Kuwait’s ambassador to the US, although this was not disclosed at the time of her testimony.

There were multiple other lies including the idea that Saddam was at the helm of an Iraq that was an Arab-expansionist power set on conquering the Middle East. This, and the idea that Saddam’s military was nearly invincible (which obviously wasn’t the case) was used to sell the war to Americans. This all turned out to be bunk but it launched decades of literal and economic war on Iraq until the re-invasion of 2003.

On the economic front, Bush is also responsible for years of misery caused by his introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This trade deal, which was later solidified by Bill Clinton, ingrained the type of neoliberal capitalism that deindustrialized the United States and ravaged the Mexican economy.

All of the things mentioned in this piece either happened under Bush’s direct authority or while he was serving in some of the highest positions in the US government. Over thirty years of bloodshed and economic hell were unleashed by Bush and his compatriots (and later carried on by his idiot sons). So the next time someone tries to tell you to honor the elder Bush for his “civility” or something like that, let them know all the horror this “civil” man was responsible for.

By Jim Carey / Creative Commons / Geopolitics Alert


Scientists Discover New Organ In The Center Of The Human Head




Medical researchers have made a shocking historical anatomical discovery by finding a new organ located at the center of the human head that has been lurking there all along.

The finding was reported in Radiotherapy and Oncology. Researchers discovered the organ by accident thanks to doctors in the Netherlands, who were examining 100 patients for prostate cancer while performing an advanced type of scan called PSMA PET/CT. This diagnostic process when paired with injections of radioactive glucose highlights tumors in the body.

However, in this case, the researchers found something else entirely, nestled in the rear of the nasopharynx. The nasopharynx functions as an airway in the respiratory system. Also contained within the nasopharynx are the adenoids, or pharyngeal tonsils.

The new organ looks to be a mysterious set of salivary glands that have been hidden inside the human head. How this was discovered in 2020, missed for centuries is unknown, but until now, the human body has had three major salivary glands — parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands.

“People have three sets of large salivary glands, but not there,” explains radiation oncologist Wouter Vogel from the Netherlands Cancer Institute. “As far as we knew, the only salivary or mucous glands in the nasopharynx are microscopically small, and up to 1,000 are evenly spread out throughout the mucosa. So, imagine our surprise when we found these.”

Now, we can add a fourth located behind the nose and above the palate, close to the center of the human head.

“The two new areas that lit up turned out to have other characteristics of salivary glands as well,said one of the first author of the study, oral surgeon Matthijs Valstar from the University of Amsterdam.

“We call them tubarial glands, referring to their anatomical location [above the torus tubarius].”

These tubarial glands were seen to exist in the PSMA PET/CT scans of all the 100 patients, revealing visible draining duct openings towards the nasopharyngeal wall.

“To our knowledge, this structure did not fit prior anatomical descriptions,” the researchers explained in their paper.

It’s worth noting that there are an additional approximately 1,000 minor salivary glands situated throughout the oral cavity and the digestive tract. Although, these are not seen without a microscope according to Scientific Alert.

The researchers suggest the organ is found at a poorly accessible anatomical location under the skull base, which explains why it has been missed all of these centuries. The medical professionals note that it’s possible they may have noticed the duct openings, but it’s unlikely they would have realized the structures were apart of a larger gland system. But thanks to newer technology allowing advanced PSMA-PET/CT imaging techniques, seeing the macroscopical organ was possible.

The study needs to be replicated and validated. However, pathologist said that the team may be on to something and if its real it could change the way we view diseases in that region of the skull.

“It seems like they may be onto something,” pathologist Valerie Fitzhugh from Rutgers University, who wasn’t involved with the study, told The New York Times.

“If it’s real, it could change the way we look at disease in this region.”

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California city begins Guaranteed Basic Income program

Elias Marat



The Southern California city of Compton is launching a pilot program that aims to provide a basic income to 800 of its low-income residents, with zero strings attached.

Dubbed the Compton Pledge, the guaranteed income program will begin distributing free cash to 800 residents of the city in Los Angeles County for a period of two years. Compton Mayor Aja Brown has said that the ambitious program is the largest of its kind in for any city in the U.S.

The majority Black and Latino city is just the latest in a growing list of cities across the country, and the world, that is experimenting with new ways to put money in residents’ hands give the grave economic calamity caused by the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

“I recognized that there’s a need for additional income, especially with the pandemic resulting in record high numbers of unemployment throughout the entire country,” the mayor told the Los Angeles Times. “This is a great opportunity to address inequalities for Black and brown people and also additional opportunities for upward mobility.”

The guaranteed income program is also meant to “challenge the racial and economic injustice plaguing both welfare programs and economic systems,” according to a statement released by the Compton Pledge on Monday.

“People in our community are going through tough times, and I know that guaranteed income could give people a moment to navigate their situation, and have some breathing room to go back to school, explore a new career path, spend time with their children, or improve their mental and emotional wellbeing,” Brown said in the statement. “Ensuring all people are able to live with dignity is something we should all strive for in America.”

Roughly 1 in 5 residents of Compton live below the poverty line – roughly double that of the national average – according to census data. The plight of Compton residents has only been compounded by the ongoing health emergency, which has raised the city’s unemployment rate to 21.9 percent.

The Compton Pledge has already raised over $2.5 million in private donations through the Fund for Guaranteed Income, a charity headed by the family of L.A. Times owner and billionaire bioscientist and transplant surgeon Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong.

Under the program, randomly selected families from a vetted group of low-income residents will receive at least a few hundred dollars on a recurring basis along with tools helping to advise them on their finances. Parents and guardians may receive more, while anonymous researchers will track the spending habits and well-being of participants.

A representative board including nonprofit organizations like My Brother’s Keeper and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) will also advise the Compton Pledge on how best to reach communities on the margins.

The program is aiming to include a representative sample of 68 percent of Latino and 30 percent of Black residents in Compton, along with those typically left out of federal and state welfare programs, such as formerly incarcerated residents and undocumented immigrants.

The program isn’t the first of its kind in the Golden State, where opulent displays of wealth often exist side-by-side with extreme poverty.

In 2019, Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs launched the first guaranteed income program in the country, known as the Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration, which gave 125 Stockton residents a $500 payment for 18 months.

The concept of distributing free money to citizens without strings attached has gained popularity in recent times, due in no small part to the economic impact of the pandemic.

Political parties and figures both on the traditional left and the right have raised the demand for guaranteed income or Universal Basic Income (UBI), with some of its strongest proponents include tech oligarchs and venture capitalists like Peter Thiel, Marc Andreesen, and Jack Dorsey.

Supporters of the plan argue that inequality would be reduced by basic income and it would provide an added layer of financial security for certain people. Supporters of the plan, such as former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, also suggest that with jobs in myriad industries slated to be rendered obsolete by automation and computerization, a universal basic income is required to prevent a deeper humanitarian and financial crisis.

Critics on the left have suggested that basic income is a Trojan horse that would be a vehicle for dismantling what little remains of the welfare state, offering the “paying people for being alive” stipend in exchange for austerity and the destruction of social safety nets that protect the most vulnerable members of society and offer a small barrier to extreme inequality.

On the right, however, opponents have claimed that the idea is far too expensive and would dis-incentivize people from seeking work and would be tantamount to subsidizing poor people’s substance abuse habits or reckless spending on “temptation goods.”

However, decades of research has shown that most people on such programs continue to work after receiving the transfers, while those who work less spend more with their families.

With many countries experiencing a free fall in jobs numbers – as well as sharply declining consumer demand and household spending – the idea of guaranteed basic income has gained popularity unseen since the idea saw a surge of interest following the 2008 financial crash.

In the South American nation of Colombia, politicians across the political spectrum have urged the government to introduce an Emergency Basic Income to mitigate the damage of the COVID-19 pandemic. The municipal government of Bogota under Green Party Mayor Claudia Lopez was the first city in the South American nation to offer basic income to vulnerable households struggling to feed themselves amid the lockdown. The plan also included integrating 581,000 poor households into the banking system, according to a press release from the City of Bogota.

While the Compton Pledge is beginning as a far more modest program, community advocates are hopeful that the program can be a success.

“Guaranteed income is an urgent and necessary strategy for addressing the economic realities of racial injustice,” said Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors.

Proponents also hope that this can become a trend that sparks a nationwide system of direct, recurring payments to vulnerable families.

“Guaranteed income will afford people the dignity of an income floor and agency to make choices for themselves,” said Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs.

Poverty stems from a lack of cash, not a lack of character,” he added.

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7 Arrested In Florida For Trafficking Flying Squirrels




At least seven people are facing numerous criminal charges after they were caught trafficking flying squirrels. According to investigators, their operation was worth an estimated $1 million.

In a statement on Monday, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said that the suspects have been charged with racketeering, money laundering, scheming to defraud, and other organized criminal laws involving “an elaborate organized enterprise to smuggle Florida’s wildlife to interstate and international buyers.”

The agency says that in January of 2019, they received a complaint from a concerned citizen about flying squirrels being illegally trapped in a rural part of Marion County. Flying squirrels are considered a protected wild animal in Florida, but they are illegally sold internationally because their rarity fetches such high prices.

After receiving the initial complaints, the FWC began a 19-month investigation where they tracked the hunters and monitored their international operation. The investigators found that once the poachers captured the squirrels, they sold the animals to a wildlife dealer in Bushnell and were laundered through the licensed business of the dealer, who claimed they were captive-bred, which would have made them legal to sell.

The poachers set out an estimated 10,000 squirrel traps throughout central Florida and investigators tracked as many as 3,600 flying squirrels being captured by the group in less than three years.

It is not clear how the agency estimated the operation to be worth $1 million, because the dealer involved in the scheme only received an estimated $213,800 in gross sales in the three years that he was being monitored.

The wildlife dealer was selling the animals to buyers from South Korea who traveled to the United States specifically for the squirrels. The buyers would then take the animals to Chicago, where they were sent to Asia by a wildlife exporter who was unaware of the plot. The investigation into the flying squirrels revealed that the same group was trafficking a variety of other poached animals, including protected freshwater turtles and alligators. There were also dealers and traffickers in Florida and Georgia dealing with the group. However, the operation was meticulous and careful, and many of the people involved with the scheme did not even know each other.

Maj. Grant Burton, FWC Investigation’s section leader, said that the poachers were a danger to the state’s wildlife.

“Wildlife conservation laws protect Florida’s precious natural resources from abuse. The concerned citizen who initially reported this activity started an investigation that uncovered a major smuggling operation. These poachers could have severely damaged Florida’s wildlife populations,” said Maj. Burton.

The life expectancy of flying squirrels in the wild is about six years, but flying squirrels can live up to fifteen years in zoos. The mortality rate in young flying squirrels is high because of predators and diseases. Predators of flying squirrels include tree snakes, raccoons, owls, martens, fishers, coyotes, bobcats, and feral cats. In the Pacific Northwest of North America, the northern spotted owl (Strix occidentalis) is a common predator of flying squirrels. Obviously, poachers also represent a serious threat to the species.

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