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This is What Happens When 20 Hyenas Pick a Fight With an African Lion [Watch]



Lions, tigers, wolves, chimpanzees, and penguins… oh, my! These are five of the most celebrated, yet endangered, animals on planet Earth. To highlight the species’ plight, Sir David Attenborough presents Dynasties, a new series from BBC Earth.

Credit: BBC Earth

In a recent segment, an African lion nearly meets his untimely fate when he wanders away from the herd and into a pack of 20 hyenas. The hungry vagrants are aware that if they exhaust the lion, they could potentially kill him. So, they taunt and tease him as the sun lowers to kiss the horizon. Just when it seems like all hope is lost, an unexpected ally appears. The heart wrenching scene affirms the bond between brothers and the ruthless nature of the wild.

Watch the video below:

If you enjoyed this brief clip, we encourage you to watch more of Dynasties. As BBC Earth reports, our planet is changing at an extraordinary rate and the habitats of animals — especially those species which are at risk of extinction — are under increasing pressure.

When you tune into the program, you can “travel from the plains of Africa to the jungle of India, from the edge of the Sahara to the frozen wastes of Antarctica.” You can learn as leaders battle rivals for leadership, families are torn apart by feuds, and parents risk their lives for their offspring in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. Learn more here.

Credit: BBC Earth

Hopefully, this series encourages a larger percent of the population to care about the natural environment and all species which are affected by humanity and prevalent (though unsustainable) habits. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

h/t BBC Earth

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