If Spiders Worked Together, They Could Eat All Humans In Just One Year

Arachnaphobes, keep scrolling. For those of you left, prepare to swallow a very scary (and admittedly, quite disgusting) truth. That truth is, that spiders could eat all 7.2 billion of us in just one year. If they really, really wanted to.

The finding comes from a report published in the Washington Post. According to experts, if you add up the weight eaten by the world’s entire spider population in a single year, it is more than the combined weight of every human on the planet. Yeesh. 

The research was led by Martin Nyffeler of the University of Basel in Switzerland and Klaus Birkhofer of Lund University in Sweden and the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg in Germany. They published their findings in the journal Science of Nature in March 2017. Though the finding isn’t new per se, it is still devastating and quite shocking.

Nyffeler and Birkhofer discovered that spiders across the globe eat between 440.9 and 881.8 millions tons of prey in any given year. The total biomass of all adult humans on Earth is estimated to be 316.3 million tons. In other words, we wouldn’t even satiate the appetite of arachnids if they chose to organize and eat all people. Yep, they’d still be hungry come December 15th.

Fun Fact: all spiders on Earth weigh approximately 25 million tons. According to WTSP, that’s the equivalent of 478 Titanics. On a positive note, spiders aren’t likely to eat us. They prefer insects, such as mosquitos and flies. In this way, they are actually our friends. So, don’t despair when contemplating this latest news.

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Amanda Froelich, Truth Theory, Republished here with permission. 

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