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Youth Enter Abandoned House to Smoke Weed, Find a Massive Tiger Instead



In southeast Houston, Texas, somebody recently tried to enter an abandoned home, in search of a place to smoke some cannabis with friends. To their surprise, upon entering the building they discovered a full-grown tiger.

Of all sub-species in the entire world, an estimated 3,500 tigers total are thought to remain in the wild. An anonymous tip sent to the police resulted in the discovery of the tiger.

Thankfully the animal appears to be in good hands now, although it was discovered by authorities in “deplorable conditions.” It was pointed out by another article that the tiger was “well fed.” Although the house was abandoned, someone must have been checking up on him.

(Image credit: abc7ny)

A search warrant was obtained to enter the abandoned home, and then BARC animal shelter workers and authorities tranquilized the tiger and took him in.

A Houston cop said that the cage was secured by nothing more than a screwdriver and a nylon strap. It was pointed out that if the animal had escaped, it could have easily gone on a rampage throughout the nearby streets in southwest Houston.

Some of the people who dealt with the tiger nicknamed him “Tyson” after the movie “The Hangover.”

On Tuesday, the tiger was transported to Henderson County, Texas’ Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch, located nearly 80 miles southeast of Dallas. The ranch is an affiliate of the Humane Society.

(Image credit: fox26houston)

A few observations were made by Noelle Almrud, director of the Black Beauty Ranch. For instance, they didn’t know whether the tiger had ever encountered grass before.

“We haven’t been very invasive with him because we want to give him a chance to relax. He was very stressed obviously with the transport over the past couple of days. This morning he seems to have settled down quite a bit. He’s a lot more calm and we’ll be able to keep an eye on him over the next few days to evaluate to make sure he’s doing well,” she said. The poor tiger was pacing nervously in its new, larger cage before the undoubtedly invasive FOX 4 news cameras.

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Soon, the tiger will have the ability to eat a proper diet, and a veterinarian will see him. Once he clears the quarantine procedure, he will be gifted with the ability to roam a naturally wooded, spacious 5-acre habitat that is currently home to two other tigers that have been rescued.

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