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Man Slipped LSD Into Coworkers’ Drinks to Get Rid of Their “Negative Energy”



Man Slips LSD Coworkers Drinks

For those of us who’ve worked in office jobs, the negativity can often be overwhelming. From annoying or outright obnoxious coworkers to managers who can’t stop breathing down our necks, sometimes it feels like there’s no escape.

Some might address the issue by going nuts and smashing their equipment a la Office Space, while others may seek solace by binge-watching a few episodes of The Office or Parks and Recreation. And those who are really proactive might organize an office party or bring some home-baked sweets to their coworkers to right what resembles a sinking ship.

But a teenage male employee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Arnold, Missouri had a different idea: make his coworkers trip balls.

The 19-year-old gave a few of his unsuspecting coworkers a nice big dose of LSD last Thursday in a bid to address what he called their “negative energy,” according to police who spoke to KMOV.

Arnold Police Lt. Clinton Wooldridge told the outlet that police were notified after two employees became dizzy and started shaking but didn’t know why.

Throughout the morning, the 27-year-old manager noticed that the 19-year-old worker was “acting weird” and had been holding a water dropper and was “messing with” her water jug. She also saw him messing with the two employees’ water bottles before their symptoms set in, according to the Leader.

The man’s co-workers, who were ages 23 and 24, were eventually taken to urgent care before being transferred to a local hospital.

When police arrived and began questioning the 19-year-old, the culprit admitted to dosing the water bottles with acid and also putting some LSD into a third employee’s coffee.

According to the police report, he told officers that his coworkers “were too uptight, and they needed to have better energy.”

While Arnold Police did field-test the water jug the young worker allegedly dosed, the results weren’t conclusive, according to Woodridge.

Task force commander Sgt. Tony Dennis of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department noted that the workers’ symptoms were consistent with reactions to LSD. Dennis explained:

“You’re going to have an increased heart rate, temperature, higher blood pressure. It’s been described as causing the shakes or tremors.” 

LSD, or lysergic acid diethylamide, is a hallucinogen that has been described by the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids as “one of the most powerful mood-changing chemicals.”

However, it has also been the subject of widespread research as a potential treatment for depression and a range of mood disorders. In large doses, the hallucinogen can cause distorted sensory awareness, hallucinations and an elevated mood or euphoria that correlates with boosted serotonin levels in the brain.

And while many have testified to the positive outcome of their experimentation with dropping LSD, most people who dose the drug are likely to have done so voluntarily and while consenting–rather than being “slipped a mickey” while on the clock.

The young employee was placed under arrest and, while he hasn’t yet been charged, he is facing possible charges of second-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance, according to KMOV.

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