On Friday, the rumble of 25 motorcycles signaled the start of a big surprise in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

An Indiana-based nonprofit responsible for distributing easy to prepare meals in pouches was organizing a large shipment of meals for sites in Guatemala and Honduras, but after being contacted by Victoria Fisk, Pack Away Hunger decided to route some of those meals to Las Cruces instead—30,000 non-perishable meals, to be exact. The donated meals consist of rice, vegetables and textured vegetable protein.

Before arriving at the former U.S. Army Reserve Center in Las Cruces, where asylum seekers are processed, the motorcycle pack delivered 5,000 meals to a nearby transitional living community by the name of Camp Hope.

The bikers arrived unannounced with five or six pallets’ worth of food. Migrants lined up to help assist, unloading thousands of meals within minutes.

Michale Daniels, Las Cruces Fire Department Battalion Chief, called the donation a welcome surprise.

“This went so fast,” Fisk said. “We literally put it together a week ago.”

After migrants legally cross the US-Mexico border while applying for political asylum, Border Patrol often transports them to facilities or drop of locations in towns and cities near the border. Local organizations have been stepping up to assist and feed the migrants, who are often given no resources during this time.

According to Daniels, on Friday alone 216 migrants were present at lunchtime. Upwards of 5,000 asylum seekers have been released in Las Cruces since the 12th of April.

The motorcycle clubs involved in the distribution included the Bandidos, Soldados, Squad, Riga, and Guardians of Children.

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