UPDATE (1455ET): President Trump has been briefed:

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UPDATE (1423ET)FDNY confirms one fatality, presumably the pilot.

Via NYPD“There was a helicopter hard landing on the roof of 787 7th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Fire has been extinguished. Please continue to avoid the area.”

.@NYGovCuomo: “If you are a New Yorker you have a level of PTSD from 9/11. As soon as you hear an aircraft hit a a building, my mind goes where the mind of every New Yorker goes.”

He says there is “no indication” the crash was intentional. pic.twitter.com/t1elFQUiGj

— Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) June 10, 2019

Governor Cuomo confirms there are casualties involved.

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Less than a month after a helicopter crashed into the Hudson River, NYPD reports that a helicopter has crashed into a high-rise building on 5th Avenue at 50th Street in Manhattan.

Traffic is being diverted…

The building appears to be on fire…

The location is an extremely busy area of midtown Manhattan.

The building is being evacuated.

Very heavy NYFD and NYPD presence.

Gov Cuomo is on the scene…

By Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge.com

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