You Can Now Buy a Tattoo Sleeve for Your Cat

(TMU) — If you’ve ever looked at your Sphynx cat and thought something along the lines of “this feline needs a tattoo sleeve,” then you’re in luck. The Etsy shop SimplySphynx, run by Airie McCreedy, has all the supplies you need to tat up your cat.

But before you contact PETA, no—Airie doesn’t condone actually tattooing cats. Rather, the Etsy shop owner creates and sells little tops that slide right over your cat’s torso. They make Sphynx cats look rough and tough—which is what cats are going for, yes?

Credit: SimplySphynx

The Tattcat tops are available in several designs and styles. Each is priced from £16.18. Airie told Metro

“The idea came to me when a friend showed me a silly fake tattoo sleeve and teased me how I did not have to get ink, I could have gotten one of these (I have a lot of tattoos). I grabbed it from him and thought, ‘If only I knew how to sew…'”

Inspiration for the product didn’t fade, so Airie taught herself to sew. This wasn’t an easy feat considering the sheer fabric she uses to make the tops. But, she succeeded and now runs the successful online shop.

Credit: SimplySphynx

If you visit her Etsy store, you’ll find other cat-related items. From slings you can carry your kitty friend around in to plaid pajamas for the hairless feline, the options are seemingly endless.

Credit: SimplySphynx

Because Sphynx cats lack hair, all of the items are made using feline-friendly materials and ink. This is stress-relieving to pet owners who seek to source the best quality for their fur-less companion(s).

Credit: SimplySphynx

Of course, fluffy felines can also don tattoo sleeves.

Credit: SimplySphynx

After all, any cat can tat.

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By Mandy Froelich | Creative Commons |

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