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In Wild Freeway Fight, Couple Get Their Asses Handed to Them After Calling Latino Family ‘Beaners’

A dramatic viral video from a Southern California freeway is conveying a very valuable lesson that everyone needs to know.



(TMU) — A dramatic video from Southern California is conveying a valuable lesson that everyone should know: Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash, because it may be your ass that ends up getting bounced off of the paymentespecially if you’re barking racist abuse at the people who are about to do the ass-whupping.

Such was the case in a viral video captured by a young woman named Patty Martinez who was sitting, along with her sister, in the backseat of her parent’s car when another couple in a large SUV cut them off on the 118 freeway—forcing them to pull over near an exit to the city of Pacoima in the San Fernando Valley.

As the Martinez family attempts to resolve the clear case of road rage by calling 911, the younger white couple exits their car and angrily approaches the family’s vehicle while shouting the most clear examples of “fighting words” one can imagine in the context of the Los Angeles County neighborhood, which is well over 40 percent Latino/Chicano/Mexican.

When the white man shouts, “what’s up homie, fool” at the Latino family, the male Martinez, sitting in the passenger seat, attempts to exit the vehicle before the belligerent white male slams the door shut in his face, commanding “don’t get out!

The belligerent male’s female partner then throws fuel on the fire by mockingly saying “he’s not worth it […] fucking beaner”—a highly inflammatory slur for a person of Mexican descent.

At this stage, the two Martinez parents immediately fly out of the vehicle to open a can of whoop-ass on the racists, whose road rage and thuggish demeanor quickly dissipates before they pathetically whimper for mercy while getting slapped around along the shoulder of the highway.

“No man, please, bro” the once-furious man begs as his shirt is torn off mere seconds after challenging the male Martinez to a fight.

In the meantime, the daughter in the second vehicle desperately asks the 911 dispatcher to send help.

Ultimately, the belligerent man and woman in the SUV end up without their shirts and slink back to their vehicle with their tails between their legs after being effortlessly defeated by the Martinez couple. To add insult to injury, their own children witnessed their parents’ road rage folly as it unfolded.

In the tweet of the video posted to Twitter, Patty Martinez explains:

“Here’s a video of my parents fucking up an ugly ass racist couple who were trying to cut my parents off, and referred to my parents as ‘beaners’ on the off ramp of the 118 today.”

The video, which was posted Saturday night and has since been deleted, quickly went viral.

One commenter named Manny Mendez noted the typical cowardice of those who are quick to run their mouths and resort to low blows like insults attacking one’s race or ethnicity, tweeting:

“I love how they were quickly to leave after they saw your parents. Racist people are so quickly to run, rather then to finish the job. Then they turn around and act like they were the victim in the situation. And make the other HUMAN look like the bad guy! This makes me so mad.”

Others were quick to point out that both of the Martinez parents were wearing chanclas, the Spanish term for flip flop sandals.

Another Twitter user, @LovableBassy, pointed out that while the belligerent man’s partner was attempting to put her shirt back on, he seemed to touch the Latino couple’s daughter’s breast.

Since the video was posted, both Martinez parents have expressed pride to their daughters over having achieved viral fame for their actions of self-defense, and have been enjoying the steady flow of memes and positive feedback received online.

The couple in the SUV, who are rumored to be of Armenian descent, have yet to be publicly identified. It remains unclear if police action was further pursued.

What do you think? When confronted with uncontrollable rage and racist abuse should one simply seek to deescalate the situation?

Or should one, to the best of their abilities, fight back with all that they have in an attempt to subdue the aggressors and teach them important lessons that they, their children, and the world wide web will never forget?

By Elias Marat | Creative Commons |

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