Freak Storm Covers City in Mexico With 5 Feet of Ice

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(TMU) — One of Mexico’s most populated cities saw a massive hailstorm blanket its streets, buildings, and vehicles on Sunday. Residents of Guadalajara awoke to more than five feet of ice following the overnight freak storm.

The city had been experiencing a typical warm summer over the past few weeks, making the massive hailstorm even more shocking.

Local residents captured stunning images and video of the aftermath as government officials attempted to clear up impassable roads and limit potential damage.

Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, governor of Jalisco, the western Mexican state in which Guadalajara is located, tweeted images in the storm’s aftermath, saying he had never witnessed anything like what he saw that morning.

The Mexican Army and authorities from both Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque have been working with the government of Jalisco to clear the hail from roadways and support citizens whose homes were affected by the storm. There were no reported injuries or fatalities as of Sunday afternoon, Ramirez said.

According to CNN Meteorologist Michael Guy, “all the ingredients came together for there to be this strange hailstorm over Guadalajara.”

This was a case where atmospheric and topographic ingredients came into play to cause a freakish hail storm,” Guy added.

Shocking video and images were posted across social media throughout the day on Sunday.

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