Jeffrey Epstein’s Death Was Reported on 4Chan Before Anywhere Else

(ZH) — Just under 40 minutes before ABC News reporter Aaron Katersky tweeted the first media announcement of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, someone posted about it on 4chan – saying “[D]ont ask me how I know, but Epstein died an hour ago from hanging, cardiac arrest. Screencap this,” reports BuzzFeed.

Later in the thread, the anonymous user posted: “Was called out as a cardiac arrest at the manhattan federal detention facility. Worked asystole for 40 mins”

As other 4chan users cast doubt, the user said: “worked asystole arrest for 40 minutes, als intubated in the field/epi/2 liters NS infused. Telemetry advised bicarb and D50 in field. Pt transported to Lower Manhattan ER and worked for 20 minutes and called. Hospital administrator was alerted, preparing statements.”

“Telemetry implies the paramedics were in contact with a medical control hospital who then gave orders to give Sodium Bicarbonate, bicarb which is designed to reverse the acid buildup in the blood from prolonged cardiac arrest,” according to Dr. Keith Wesley, author fof several EMS textbooks and articles.

According to the FDNY’s Frank Dwyer, the fire department says it’s reviewing the incident, but there is no investigation.

Oren Barzilay, the president of the union for EMT workers Local 2507 in New York, said, “our members do not release this type of confidential information, this looks like a 3rd party info.” Barzilay also told BuzzFeed News the union would investigate the potential breach of confidentiality “if such a claim came forward.”

“There’s serious consequences for those violations. Discipline. Suspensions. Civil penalties, etc,” Barzilay said in an email. – BuzzFeed

In short, a 4chan user with inside medical information scooped the media.

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