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Woman Refused to Give Her Grandpa a Kidney Because He Was a Pedophile. Now He’s Dead.

Her body, her choice: “I don’t grow kidneys for Klan members and pedos.”



Woman Kidney Grandpa Pedophile

(TMU) — “Her body, her choice,” indeed.

Not only is it completely okay to cut toxic family members out of our lives, but it also goes without saying that we’re under no obligation to donate our organs to nasty relatives we want nothing to do with.

Such was the case for a woman who allegedly declined to waste a perfectly good kidney on her dying grandfather on the justifiable grounds that not only was he a member of the KKK, but he was also a child molester.

An unnamed American woman showed zero remorse about the decision, which was made while she was a teenager and when she turned out to be the only suitable match for an organ donation.

The story was shared in a post to the Facebook group “I Dream of Being This Petty,” which was screen-captured and shared to Unilad.

The woman, who now works as a nurse, admitted:

“My grandfather died when I was 16 because I refused to give him a kidney. I was the only match. I refused because he was in the Klan and molested children, and I don’t grow kidneys for Klan members and pedos.

I registered as a live donor the day he died and I’m donating to a complete stranger next year instead. My boss said I’m a dick.”

Since then, the post has gone viral with most users reacting with support for a decision that not only struck them as being perfectly logical, but “badass” as well.

One user commented:

“I wouldn’t give my kidney up for him … nope.”

A Facebook user said:

“Your body your choice. Period.”

While another commenter noted:

“That’s your kidney so you do whatever you want with it. You have no reason to reduce your lifespan for a bad person. I wish I had this level of courage because I’d certainly not handle people guilt-tripping me.”

According to the National Kidney Foundation, 13 people die every day due to the scarcity of transplantable kidneys, with new people added to the kidney transplant list every 14 minutes.

And while many readers may derive pleasure from news that a pedophile klansman has died from a lack of a kidney transplant, what makes this story remarkable isn’t the fact that the woman refused to take a huge L for a rotten person—but that she made the brave choice of donating a kidney to someone she didn’t know at all.

How many of us would be brave enough to give such a remarkable gift to a complete stranger?

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