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Video Shows Mama Dolphin Jump for Joy After Fishermen Release Her Baby

The heartwarming video shows how human beings and dolphins can bond like few other species.



Mama Dolphin

(TMU) — Viral video has emerged showing a dolphin mother jumping for joy in a display of gratitude toward a group of fishermen who freed her baby after it became tangled in their fishing net.

The heartwarming video, captured off the island of Procida near Naples, Italy, shows the moment when the fishermen released the trapped creature from their netting, preventing a dangerous situation for the young dolphin.

In footage that followed, the mother dolphin displays her delight at the safe return of her calf as she begins to jump about in a gorgeous series of jumps in an apparent show of gratitude toward the humans.

As the once-distressed mother puts on the elegant performance, the anglers can be heard applauding and cheering the show of thanks in honor of their good deed.

One happy fisherman even comments:

“How nice, it’s like a movie!”

Posted by Mario Polizzi on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Dolphin lovers have delighted in the footage, which was shared by Mario Polizzi.

While humans and dolphins don’t share a common language, the video is a clear display of the connections possible between human beings and their mammalian counterparts which is not restricted to speech alone.

Among these connections is a shared devotion to their offspring. Not unlike human mothers speaking to their unborn children, dolphin mamas have been known to sing their own names to their calves in the womb before they are born.

Dolphin mothers are generally known as excellent, nurturing teachers who display remarkable dedication in rearing their offspring.

The Sarasota Dolphin Research Program website explains that dolphin calves usually stay by their mother’s side for approximately three to six years, during which they are equipped with the essential life skills that ensure their survival.

In general, dolphins are one of the most intelligent animal species on the planet. From their playful nature to their sociability and friendly behavior toward humans, dolphins have inspired the adoration of humans since time immemorial. Increasingly, human researchers are discovering that dolphins display skills and sophistication previously attributed only to the human race.

By Elias Marat | Creative Commons |

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