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Edward Snowden Says He Used His Classified Access to Look for Proof of Aliens

Joe Rogan, whose interest in UFOs is well known, pressed Snowden on the topic of aliens during a recent interview.



Edward Snowden Alien

(TMU) — Whistleblower Edward Snowden has remained in the headlines in recent years due to Oliver Stone’s biopic film as well as Snowden’s own recently released memoir, Permanent Record. He was also interviewed for Joe Rogan’s podcast, where he addressed some of the issues discussed in his book which surprisingly include a discussion of UFOs.

Snowden was an employee and contractor for both the CIA and the NSA before learning of and leaking highly classified information about several widespread government programs designed to surveil Americans without their knowledge. Widely viewed as unconstitutional, these surveillance programs would likely still be unknown without Snowden’s disclosures. 

In the process of accessing this information, it appears Snowden was curious about other controversial issues as well. In his memoir, Snowden wrote:

“For the record, as far as I could tell, aliens have never contacted Earth, or at least they haven’t contacted US intelligence…. In case you were wondering: Yes, man really did land on the moon. Climate change is real. Chemtrails are not a thing.” 

Joe Rogan, whose interest in UFOs and alien conspiracies is well known, pressed Snowden on the topic of aliens during the interview.

“I know, Joe, I know you want there to be aliens,” Snowden said jokingly to Rogan. “I know Neil deGrasse Tyson badly wants there to be aliens. And there probably are, right? But the idea that we’re hiding them—if we are hiding them—I had ridiculous access to the networks of the NSA, the CIA, the military, all these groups. I couldn’t find anything,” Snowden stated from somewhere in Moscow, where he lives in exile. “So if it’s hidden, and it could be hidden, it’s hidden really damn well, even from people who are on the inside.”

Speculating on the sociological and psychological obsessions with UFOs, he concluded: “Everybody wants to believe in conspiracy theories because it helps life make sense. It helps us believe that somebody is in control, that somebody is calling the shots.”

While Snowden most certainly had deep access to classified government files, some UFOlogists contend that information about extraterrestrial contact—which would undoubtedly constitute the biggest state secret in human history—would be so buried and compartmentalized it’s unlikely contractors at Snowden’s level would have the right level of clearance. Such conspiracists say there is probably a remarkably low number of people who know the full truth.

Recent disclosures have made clear that the U.S. government is absolutely interested in UFOs, despite years of stating otherwise, and actively fund efforts to research the phenomenon. Snowden’s assertion probably won’t push the needle on the issue, as believers and skeptics usually have their minds made up.

Let’s hope that if there is anyone out there who does know the truth (there are many who claim as much), he or she will follow in Snowden’s footsteps.

By Jake Anderson | Creative Commons |

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