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Houston Mayoral Candidate Calls Out Government and Media as “Organized Crime”

Derrick Broze described the government and media as “organized crime” which provoked cheers from the audience.



Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze

(TMU) — Houston Mayoral Candidate Derrick Broze has been running a radical campaign that is vastly different from that of his opponents. However, as expected, the system has been rigged against anyone who is not already deeply entrenched in the political system—or at the very least extremely wealthy.

Last Monday, at the FT Bend Super Neighborhood Forum, held at the Fondren Seventh-Day Adventist Church, Derrick Broze spoke with other mayoral candidates about their platforms and addressed individual concerns of local residents.

Broze spoke on numerous issues relating to his campaign, including the controversial 5G rollout, police surveillance and militarization, as well as drug legalization and other measures. In one portion of the discussion, Broze commented that the government was nothing more than “organized crime” which provoked some cheers and a few gasps from the audience. Another mayoral candidate appeared to chime in with support for the comments.

The comments were made during a discussion about government budgets and how politicians often hide where tax money is actually being spent. Broze pointed out that in today’s digital age, it would be very easy for the government to publish detailed records of their budgets online, which could include a detailed list of all the contracts that the government is bidding on. However, politicians continue to use the pre-digital excuse that government business is just too complicated for the public to be witness to.

Broze also called attention to the local Houston media, which has led the public to believe that there are only four candidates in the mayoral race. As the Mind Unleashed reported earlier this month, Broze was told by one local station that his interview would not be aired because he was not a “viable candidate,” while giving no specific criteria for what these vague viability requirements were.

Luckily for Broze, there are numerous independent journalists paying close attention to his candidacy and national attention was brought to the corruption that he is facing in this race. Others running for local offices across the country have faced similar challenges for a very long time but many of these stories are never heard.

Election day is November 5th, which is now just a few weeks away.

Houston Mayor Candidate Derrick Broze Calls Out Government & Media

Houston Mayoral candidate Derrick Broze recently told an unpleasant truth: local government and media are working together as "organized crime". Watch the clip here. Find out more about his campaign here:

Posted by Derrick Broze on Friday, October 18, 2019

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