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Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Endorses Derrick Broze for Mayor

Derrick Broze has faced relentless censorship from the local media, which he has documented extensively.



Derrick Broze Cynthia Mckinney

(TMU) — The city election for Mayor of Houston is Tuesday, November 5, and independent candidate Derrick Broze continues to do everything he can to bring the issues that are important to him into the mainstream discussion.

This week, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney endorsed Broze in a tweet and linked to his most recent documentary Who Will Find What The Finders Hide?

If you don’t know Cynthia’s work, here is a little info about her background:

– As a member of the Democratic Party, she served six terms in the United States House of Representatives.
– She was the first black woman elected to represent Georgia in the House.
– During her tenure she opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
– She grilled former Sec. of State Donald Rumsfeld regarding human trafficking and financial waste at the Department of Defense
– She left the Democratic Party and in 2008, ran as the presidential candidate of the Green Party of the United States.
– Cynthia is currently an assistant professor at North South University, Bangladesh

Friends,I have some wonderful news I want to share with you. The #BrozeForMayor campaign has just received an…

Posted by Derrick Broze on Sunday, November 3, 2019

“I want to encourage all those who care about truth, justice, and accountability to tell friends and family who live in Houston that there is a chance to vote for someone who is not paid off or controlled. I am the only candidate talking about issues like taking away the power of the mayor, stopping 5g, giving the people a voice on surveillance, and many other issues. Let Houstonians know this is a chance to make history,” Broze told the Mind Unleashed.

He may be an outsider as a candidate, but the laws are structured in a way that actually give a candidate like Broze better odds of winning. There are currently twelve people running in the Houston election, and after the votes are counted at the end of the day the two candidates with the highest percentage of votes will face off once again in two weeks to determine the final winner.

Broze has faced relentless censorship from the local media during his campaign, which he has documented extensively.

As the Mind Unleashed reported earlier this month, Broze was told by one local station that his interview would not be aired because he was not a “viable candidate,” while giving no specific criteria for what these vague viability requirements were.

Luckily for Broze, there are numerous independent journalists paying close attention to his candidacy and national attention was brought to the corruption that he is facing in this race. Others running for local offices across the country have faced similar challenges for a very long time but many of these stories are never heard.

Polls will be open in Houston from 7 am to 7 pm on November 5th.

Broze was recently interviewed about his candidacy on the Mind Unleashed live.

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