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Pamela Anderson Says She Was Threatened by Prison Chief While Visiting Assange

“The warden stormed in and made it very clear to me, that if I were going to be a problem—he’d make problems for Julian. It was a direct threat.”



Pamela Anderson
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(TMU) — Pamela Anderson, actress, model, and longtime friend of Julian Assange, says she was threatened by a warden while visiting the high security prison where Assange is currently being held.

According to the Daily Mail, Anderson had planned to go public with her story of what happened that day during a speech she planned to give in Canberra, Australia, but pulled out of the planned event due to a scheduling conflict.

Anderson was in Australia, Assange’s home country, to urge Prime Minister Scott Morrison to intervene for her friend. Morrison responded to Anderson via letter that was published by the Australian. In it the prime minister said Australia’s government could continue to monitor the case but that “beyond providing consular assistance…Australia has no standing and is unable to intervene in Mr Assange’s legal proceedings.”

A transcript of what would have been Anderson’s speech directed toward Australian officials, was obtained by the Mail.

In it the 52-year-old model revealed that near the end of her meeting with Assange at Belmarsh, “The warden stormed in and made it very clear to me, that if I were going to be a problem—he’d make problems for Julian. It was a direct threat.”

The transcript also details that Anderson was “scared and stressed” when she and WikiLeaks editor Kristinn Hrafnsson visited Assange at the U.K.’s Belmarsh high security prison for the first time but that the jailed journalist was “clean shaven” with “bright” eyes.

Anderson explained:

“He was ready to fight—smart/clever as always. His mind working fast.

But what was abnormally out of character—he was looking to us like his life depended on us. He was looking to us for hope.”

According to the transcript, Anderson’s feelings of “hope” soon vanished when the wardenor “governor” in the UKbarged in only “minutes before our time was up.”

She maintains that Assange, 48, is “is in danger,” explaining:

“When he is out of our sight he is in danger.

I’m sure he is being punished for every bad word said about that prison.

So I’m taking a big risk here. To let you know—it is a different set of rules there.

There are no rules. That benefit him. Remember this.”

A UK Prison Service spokesman said in response to Anderson’s allegations:

“The Governor of HMP Belmarsh did not threaten Ms Anderson or Mr Assange.”

The revelation from Anderson comes only days after 60 doctors from around the world called on officials to immediately act to secure necessary medical care for Assange. The doctors acted following a warning from a United Nations expert early this month who claims Assange’s treatment may actually be torture.

The doctor’s wrote:

“We have real concerns, on the evidence currently available, that Mr. Assange could die in prison. The medical situation is thereby urgent.”

After visiting Assange in prison in May, Anderson was left “sick and nauseous,” telling reporters:

“He does not deserve to be in a supermax prison. He has never committed a violent act. He is an innocent person.

He is a good man, he is an incredible person. I love him, I can’t imagine what he has been going through.

It was great to see him, but this is just misrule of law in operation. It is absolute shock that he has not been able to get out of his cell.”

Assange is being held at Belmarsh awaiting an extradition hearing set to take place in February 2020 that may result in his facing charges of violating the Espionage Act in the United States after publishing evidence of human rights violations and war crimes at the hands of the U.S. government.

Journalist and activist George Monbiot wrote last week:

“Revealing stuff that should have been in the public domain all along should be treated as a public service, not a crime. But Julian Assange is rotting in jail, awaiting extradition, at the behest of a government that wants to preserve its grim secrets.”

Read the full text of Anderson’s speech:

Dear all concerned

Thank you for attending this event.

I feel honored to have been invited here within this Australian parliament House and from the outset I want to acknowledge that I am standing on the land of the Ngunnawal People (Pronounced “N”-Gun-a-Wal} and I pay my respects to their elders past and present whose land, wind, water and creation spirits we all now share.

Emotionally and professionally I feel the welcome and warmth of the Australian people

and feel a sense of honor to have been invited to this great place by such an outstanding group of dedicated and outstanding representatives of the great people that are Australians.

I am here to join with you and with the majority of Australians that want Julian Assange brought home to Australia.

By any stretch of the imagination it is clear that a significant majority of Australians want the Australian Government to intervene with their counterparts to bring Julian Assange Home.

This is validated apparently by 60 Minutes Australia independent polling that confirmed that between 73% and 92 % of respondents want the Australian government to bring Julian home.

He doesn’t want ‘special treatment’, he just wants to be treated like any other Australian citizen

and journalist, he has not committed any crime for which a precedent in law stands.

Every Australian needs to be aware that if Julian Assange is extradited to the USA for publishing – then every other journalist and publisher of facts on the internet is vulnerable of execution or 175 years imprisonment for simply publishing facts that were delivered to him by whistleblowers.

Remembering that is exactly the stated practice of every investigative journalist that works for the ABC, SBS, Chanel 9, 10, 7 and Sky here in Australia.

And pay particular attention that if Julian is extradited to the USA for what he is being charged with then every other journalist is vulnerable through the Westminster legal process of the law of Precedent.

Julian only did what is the charter of every investigative journalist in Australia.

To publish news that is deemed in the public interest.

Julian Assange performed his professional duties with exemplary results and has been awarded as a great journalist accordingly.

I was very sad and angry like many were when Julian was dragged out of the embassy into the outside light, into that van.

A political asylee being delivered to the very inhumane process he had been granted asylum from.

Where was the adherence to international protocols for this Australian citizen granted political asylum and in London.

He had been progressively isolated into a smaller and smaller space, under surveillance 24/7,

his conversations and every movement secretly watched and apparently recorded for the very entity he had been granted asylum against.

Then without warning and after weeks of his shaving equipment being withheld

to make him look untidy – he was literally dragged out and thrown in to a van,

for more psychological torture.

His legal papers stolen and all his legal case notes were seized and all handed over to the USA.

How is that a fair legal process.

Then he is further psychologically tortured thrown into a super max prison ?

With mass murders and the most violent and brutal of humanity.

This for an international hero, awarded journalist and Australian citizen.

Arguable the most awarded Australian journalist in history.

To quote his father John Shipton ‘Julian is a kind and gentle man.’

Can you imagine?

It was the cruelest moment – and it hurt me terribly.

I could only imagine what it felt like for him.

My heart broke. My blood boiled and the handsome gracious man I knew looked truly unrecognizable/awful.

I hadn’t seen him since they took his internet away.

His only connection to the outside world.

Slowly painfully trying to destroy his spirit.

Break him.

Kill him.

It is clear to all and if I can quote his mother Christine Assange, ‘he is being slowly assassinated.’

And all this in plain sight.

I was relieved actually after visiting him in prison.

It was the anticipation that scared me much more than sitting across

from him finally.

In a tiny interrogation room.

To protect me?

From other prisoners ?

Even though I was scared and stressed to see my friend after what he’d been out through.

He was clean shaven.

His eyes were bright.

He was ready to fight – smart/clever as always.

His mind working fast.

But what was abnormally out of character – he was looking to us like his life depended on us. He was looking to us for hope – but then when my and his hope seemed to rise minutes before our times was up.

The warden stormed in and made it very clear to me.

That if I were going to be a problem.

He’d make problems for Julian.

It was a direct threat.

The psychological torture of this brave Australian journalist that chose to publish facts

that we all needed to know for the sake of our children’s future and to save the innocent

is relentless.

So every moment he is in there – he is in danger.

When he is out of our sight he is in danger.

I’m sure he is being punished for every bad word said about that prison.

So I’m taking a big risk here.

To let you know – it is a different set of rules there.

There are no rules. That benefit him.

Remember this.

Then I reminded myself.

That Julian is in his best form

When he is in ‘the fight’.

He is courageous – he rises to every occasion.

And now that the shock has settled in me.

The ridiculous Swedish case dropped – maybe in you too you can see the deadly smear campaign unraveling.

We need to make the people understand.

And – whatever I can do in my power.

I will do.

But with love and kindness and without making enemies.

The petition that was tabled in parliament with hundreds of thousands of signatories grows every minute.

I will continue to speak out.

I will speak to people I don’t share the same opinions with kindly for my heart.

I need to use my natural abilities.

To empower people.

Even powerful people need empowerment.

Be effective.

Be Diplomatic.

I hope you deeply understand that a wonderful Australian man’s life is at stake.

An invaluable mind that all of us need thriving and working.

To help us learn – to stay alive and active in a healthy society.

I’m doing this for my children.

His children.

All of our children.

We need to understand the things that only a few brilliant people

who have done the laborious research, understand.

Or humanity might end in humans hands.

Artificial intelligence is a massive threat.

Maybe more so than climate change.

Why wouldn’t you want Julian who is savvy and aware, on your side?

Australia has the choice to break free from the clutches of America.

Stand strong and brave and do the empowered thing.

Australia would be looked upon especially by young people

as the coolest country in the world.

Of course the people who have done wrong want to shut him up.

He is only a threat to them.

So let’s keep talking to each other.

If I can be of any help.

Please ask me.

I apologize that this message has to come from me.

Lord knows I’d never make it as a politician.

But at least you know – there is no mystery here.

You’ve seen it all.


It may be amazing

But to everyone’s surprise I’ve met and have had very productive opportunities speaking with

world leaders about many issues.

YOU have the power – all the power.

And you must be motivated by the people – the people who voted for you.

Don’t forget them/us


There are many injustices.

But the solutions can only start when we have true information.

You have an Australian citizen.

That corruption fears because of his intellect.

Don’t let him rot in a cell virtually walking in circles 10 km a day to get exercise

and stay sane.

We are losing him – while he waits for you to do the right thing.

He is not blind – he’s quite cynical actually.

But he has faith in humanity and in you.

While he waits.

Pacing in his organized and passionate head.

In solitary confinement.

Without access to his papers.

His lawyers can’t see him enough.

He has improper access to prepare his case.

No computers etc.

He should be free at least to prepare for his case.

How are they still holding him there.

Believe me when I say.

And I don’t want to – he’s disintegrating rapidly.

Every day he is there he is being slowly killed.

And punished for what?

For being a publisher?

For being too smart?

Exposing war crimes.

We cannot sit idly by – this is about justice.

Don’t turn your back on him.

You can’t.

You just can’t.


When the world goes on into oblivion.

Where some people – very bad people can manipulate the many

to improve the lives of the few.

This will be on you.

In the history books.

What you choose to do will be on record.

And to date it is laughable.

Behind closed doors the world is laughing. ‘Australia doesn’t have the guts.’

But maybe now, you do?

Hopefully now the nation understands the significance of what this all means.

The precedent that will be established, endangering every single Australian that dares publish facts on the web that expose war crimes and systemic corruption.

The formation of the ‘Bring Assange Home Parliamentary Group’

I commend.

It is great leap forward.

Then the great news!

I was advised that the over 220,000 signature strong, ‘Free Julian Assange before it’s too late’ petition that I am also a signatory of – has been tabled in the Australian parliament this month.

These are steps, significant steps that indicate Australians and people of the world understand the significance of this case and are standing en mass to not leave one of their heroes behind.

Standing up as brave and proud people that will not be walked over by their closest allies

to suffice one for a corrupted system that would seek to torture the truth tellers and allow criminals to walk free.

I encourage the Australian government to do as they did to free other filmmakers and journalists that were wrongfully imprisoned on drummed up espionage charges,

like James Ricketson who was freed after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made a secret call to Hun Sen on Cambodia.

So what I say to Prime Minister Scott Morrison is don’t do anything special for Julian Assange, just do the same as your party’s predecessor did.

Follow the precedent of previous Prime Ministers doing great things to save their citizens from torture.

Do as you previous leader did for James Ricketson.

Pick up the phone and save an Australian hero.

Pick up the phone and call President Trump and call Prime Minister Johnson and tell them,

to do their part to save the people’s democratic right in the western world and free Julian Assange.

Doing anything other than this is to victimize and treat Julian Assange in a ‘specially’ brutal way.

If Julian Assange is extradited the people will know exactly who paved the way by their inaction, people will know which were the better politicians and which were the corruptly complicit.

Silence is complicity when faced with the onset of tyranny and the destruction of human rights

as this case symbolizes in the highest order.

Join together and free Julian Assange and do what your people demand.

Thank you

Pamela Anderson

By Emma Fiala | Creative Commons |

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