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Scientist With Terminal Illness Turns Himself Into “the World’s First Full Cyborg”

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan is a celebrated robotics expert who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2017.



First Full Cyborg

(TMU) — Faced with a serious terminal illness from a muscle-wasting disease, a British scientist claims to have made a complete transformation into what he claims is “the world’s first full cyborg.”

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan is a celebrated robotics expert who was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) in 2017, but he has refused to surrender to the disease which medical doctors told him would likely claim his life by the end of this year. Instead, the doctor greeted it as an opportunity.

Scott-Morgan, whose career has seen him granted “unparalleled confidential access” to the world’s top banks, corporations, and government organizations, used his knowledge of science and technology to “upgrade” his disease-ridden 61-year-old body and brain into “the most advanced human cybernetic organism ever created in 13.8 billion years.”

In a post on Twitter last month, Scott-Morgan said:

“THIS IS MY LAST POST as Peter 1.0. Tomorrow I trade my voice for potentially decades of life as we complete the final medical procedure for my transition to Full Cyborg, the month I was told statistically I would be dead.

I’m not dying, I’m transforming! Oh, how I LOVE science!!!”

And now, the roboticist has emerged from a grueling 24 days in intensive care to reintroduce himself to the world as a rebooted “Peter 2.0.”

In an enthusiastic and celebratory tweet, the doctor touted the “huge success” of his transition toward a semi-robotic existence, saying:

“All medical procedures now complete and a huge success.

My mini-ventilator keeping me breathing is a LOT quieter than Darth Vader’s.

All speech is synthetic but at last sounds like me again. Long research road ahead but in great spirits.” 

The robotics expert had to undergo a series of major operations over the past weeks, including the insertion of a feeding tube directly into his stomach, a catheter directly into his bladder, and a colostomy bag directly onto his colon, allowing him to feed himself and digest food to the greatest possible extent, reports the Independent.

Scott-Morgan also underwent a laryngectomy to prevent saliva from entering his lungs, but the doctor greeted the removal of his natural, physical voice in exchange for “potentially decades of life.”

A life-like avatar of his face has also been developed, which will allow him to utilize artificial intelligence to simulate body language.

The doctor is now exploring how he can use eye-tracking technology that would allow him to control multiple computers using his eyes alone. He also underwent laser eye surgery that will allow him to have perfect vision from 70 centimeters, or the distance from his computer screen.

On Scott-Morgan’s website, the doctor charted the key moments of his transition. On his blog, he wrote:

“’We are within touching distance of changing—everything. I’m not dying—I’m transforming!

This is terminal disease like you’ve never seen it before. And as far as I’m concerned, bring it on.

MND hasn’t even begun to bring me to my knees. And even long after I’m locked In, I will still be standing tall.

Thanks to HiTech—I will talk again. I will convey Emotion and Personality. And I’ll reach out and touch the people I love. And I will not be the only one.

Over time, more and more with MND, with extreme disability, with old age, with a passion simply to break free from their physical strait-jacket, will choose to stand beside me.

And we will all stand tall. And we will stand proud. And we will stand unbowed. And we will keep standing, year after year after year after year after year

Because we refuse simply to ‘Stay Alive.’ We choose to thrive.”

By Elias Marat | Creative Commons |

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