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Live Updates: Thousands Descend on Richmond, Virginia for Massive Gun Rights Rally

Over 10,000 people are descending on Richmond, Virginia for a gun rights rally.



Virginia Gun Rights Rally


Update: 7:37 p.m. EST — Exclusive interview with Culpeper County Sheriff Scott H. Jenkins during the gun rights lobby day and rally today in Richmond, Virginia:

Initial summary of rally from Richmond, Virginia:


Update: 4:33 p.m. EST — We are reviewing footage and will be releasing more videos from the rally later tonight. Stay tuned!

Update: 1:00 p.m. EST — Ford Fischer of News2Share is live talking to protesters on the ground asking them why they attended the rally.

The Second Amendment rally in Richmond has formally ended, but thousands of gun owners are still out on the streets. No known violence has occurred.Filmed by Ford Fischer

Posted by News2Share on Monday, January 20, 2020

Update:  11:45 a.m. EST —
Derrick Broze is LIVE again for The Mind Unleashed working his way through the huge crowds in Richmond.

Broze expressed that the protests have been very peaceful and said he doesn’t expect any “violence or false flags” to occur. He added that surveillance drones have been seen in the area and pointed out snipers on the roof. He may go back through security to get closer to the Virginia capitol grounds where guns are not allowed during today’s lobby day rally.

According to reports on the ground, the permitted event inside the capitol grounds will be ending at any moment. The event remains peaceful without any reports of violence. However, there was a report of a suspicious arrest of an individual detained on the roof of the Mutual Building on E. Main Street in Richmond, according to a local news outlet Times-Dispatch.

The outlet wrote that Chuck Potts, senior regional operations manager for Admiral Security Services, reported the man was unarmed.


Update: 11:30 a.m. EST — Derrick Broze just uploaded a video update for The Mind Unleashed to explain what’s happening right now in Richmond, Virginia!

Here’s what Broze has seen on-the-ground so far at the gun rights rally:


Update: 11:15 a.m. EST — Sheriffs and police officers have expressed to Luke Rudkowski that they are down on the ground to “support the constitution against unconstitutional bills that repeal gun rights.”

View from above at 9:30 a.m. EST.


Update: 11:00 a.m. EST — A local reporter on Twitter, Maria Abiges, reports that women have started a march chanting, “no white supremacists” as counter protesters responded with chants for Trump to have “four more years.”


Update: 10:41 a.m. EST — Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change is experiencing live streaming issues with YouTube. He has switched over to Facebook live.


Posted by Luke Z Rudkowski on Monday, January 20, 2020

Rudkowski reports that over 1,000 police officers have been mobilized to keep crowds under control.

Meanwhile, News2Share‘s Ford Fischer is experiencing similar issues on Facebook but is providing updates on Twitter.


Update: 9:54 a.m. EST — Derrick Broze is charging up his battery and will restart the stream here in about 45 minutes.

Early estimates put the number of protesters above 10,000 according to several news outlets.


Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of gun-rights activists and other groups are descending on Richmond, Virginia for a massive gun rights rally which begins at 11 a.m. EST. 11 a.m. However, rally goes are already being heard chanting “four more years” for President Trump and “Northam out” in reference to Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.

Investigative journalist Derrick Broze started streaming from the rally live around 8:35am EST.

In anticipation of the rally, Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, banning all weapons including guns from the rally on Capitol Square. However, outside of the gated area Derrick has shown that there are heavily armed protesters in the early stream.

Local Virginia NBC media outlet WAVY reports there are hundreds of police ready to respond to violence if it occurs.

Here is a list of banned items inside the Capitol gates:

  • firearms
  • knives, scissors, needles, razors, and other bladed weapons
  • slingshots
  • spring sticks or batons
  • metal knuckles
  • blackjacks
  • nunchucks, chains, or other flailing weapons
  • throwing stars, knives, darts, or other throwing weapons
  • stun guns, tasers
  • sticks, poles, bats, baseballs, softballs, glass bottles
  • shields, helmets
  • toy guns and toy weapons
  • drones/sUAS, laser pointers
  • caustic substances (pepper spray), aerosol containers
  • hazardous materials, fireworks, torches, and open flames
  • other dangerous items or items that may be used as weapons

News2Share’s Ford Fischer also reports via Twitter that he was asked to hand over his tripod while entering the gated protest area.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun rights group which organized the rally, said it expected up to 50,000 people.

Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change is also live today:

For even more footage from another perspective, see News2Share’s Ford Fischer:

Part 2: Thousands of gun owners assemble in Virginia for a 2A rally that has caused VA’s governor to declare a state of emergency.Filmed by Ford Fischer. Support N2S:

Posted by News2Share on Monday, January 20, 2020

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