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Teen Was Only Volunteering at Animal Shelter for 2 Days Before She Reunited With Her Long-Lost Cat

“I was like, is that my cat?”



Teen Long-Lost Cat

(TMU) — A 15-year-old girl who tragically lost her childhood cat Spunky was miraculously reunited with her missing friend after she began volunteering at a local animal shelter.

To make matters more incredible, the girl was only on her second day volunteering at the shelter when the emotional reunion occurred.

Hannah Rountree of Roseburg, Oregon, was separated from Spunky during a family vacation three years ago. The loss of Spunky left a powerful impact on Hannah, leaving her in tears in the weeks that followed his disappearance.

She told KMTR:

“He was my first cat and the first thing I bonded with as a child, so it was really hard; I cried a lot.”

And as the weeks and eventually months passed, Hannah and her family assumed the worst. She continued:

“That’s when I was kind of like, I think he passed away, or someone took him far away.”

The teenager had begun volunteering at the Saving Grace Pet Adoption center last month. It was only on the second day of her job there when she noticed a cat that bore a striking resemblance to Spunky.

“I was like, is that my cat?”

And as it turned out, it was indeed her long-lost feline friend. She said:

“That’s how I got him; it was just fate, I feel like.”

According to Saving Grace director Wendy Kang, Spunky had been brought to the shelter after being found as a stray on the side of a nearby highway. While Spunky had previously been adopted, he was brought back to the shelter after refusing to catch mice—just in time for Hannah’s volunteering stint at the shelter.

Kang told the New York Post:

“It’s just perfect that she was able to find her pet while helping us.” 

Since returning back to his home with Hannah and her family, Spunky already quickly re-adapted and become “very comfortable,” Rountree said, adding:

“I knew he would just perk up and remember!”

While the two dear friends have finally been reunited, Hannah is taking precautions to make sure the ordeal is never repeated. This time, Spunky has been microchipped.

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