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Four Epstein Victims Write Open Letter to Prince Andrew Urging Him to Talk to the FBI

“Prince Andrew, the world is watching,” the letter begins.



Prince Andrew Open Letter

(TMU) — Four alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein have written an open letter pleading for Prince Andrew to talk to the FBI for the sake of his “daughters and their children,” according to a report from the Daily Mail.

The women urged the Duke to “be on the right side of history.” This comes after Andrew was accused last week of giving “zero cooperation” to the ongoing investigation into Epstein’s inner circle, the Mind Unleashed reported.

Prince Andrew, the world is watching,” the letter begins. It was authored by an accuser who is using the name “KiKi” and was signed by three other unnamed Jane Doe accusers that are all being represented by lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Please help the US authorities with anything you may have observed in your time spent with Jeffrey Epstein,” they urge, stating Andrew’s “privileged life” gives him the power to “influence and create positive change.

Do it for the victims who have lived a life of suffering, shame and humiliation. You can make things better for us and for future generations with your co-operation,” they wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

“Do it for your daughters and their children. Do it for your family, so that they may be proud that you have taken the decent and moral path.”

The four recounted to the prince they are “trying to right wrongs, despite our crippling fears.” They also accused him of “perpetuating them through apathy, inaction, and denial.”

You have a chance to be on the right side of history,” they wrote, the UK paper said.

“The world is watching. Please look past your fear and help those who could not help themselves.”

Geoffrey Berman, U.S. attorney for the southern district of New York stated last week that Andrew had provided no cooperation despite repeated attempts to talk to him about the ongoing investigation into Epstein’s pedophile ring.

Berman added, the investigation will be “moving forward” with or without Prince Andrew’s cooperation, according to the Guardian.

As TMU reported earlier this month, Scotland Yard has refused to reveal Prince Andrew’s location on the night that he is accused of raping Virginia Giuffre, one of the more public accusers and whose did not appear on the letter.

During Andrew’s catastrophic failure of an interview with the BBC, the royal stated firmly that he was at a Pizza Express in Woking with his daughters on the night Giuffre claimed they visited a club before the then 17-year-old girl was made to have sex with the him at the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell. Andrew also made ridiculous claims that he cannot sweat which ultimately  blew up in his face on social media mere hours after the interview aired.

Although the Duke of York claimed to have never met Giuffre in his life, private emails showed he mentioned Virginia Giuffre by name to Maxwell. The emails were found by the BBC buried in thousands of pages of legal documents in the case of Giuffre versus Maxwell. To make matters worse for Andrew, Maxwell’s entire email cache was hacked and could soon be leaked or sold, as TMU previously reported.

If Maxwell’s emails are published it could mean the end of the denial game for the Duke of York. There is still time to fess up and tell the truth to help investigators track down those who were in positions of power and pulling the strings of the trafficking operation like Ghislaine Maxwell, as alleged by Giuffre in court.

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