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Shooting Victim Sent Home From Hospital With Bandaid, Unaware Bullet Still Lodged in Her Head

She was sent home from the hospital with a bandaid and no treatment for her injuries.



Shakena Jefferson

(TMU) — 42-year-old Shakena Jefferson of Miami was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting and then sent home from the hospital with a bandaid and no treatment for her injuries. Doctors told her that she was only grazed by the bullet, but she later learned that the bullet was still lodged in her head.

Her wife, Janet Medley, said that Shakena began having headaches as soon as she got home.

When we got home, she started complaining about, ‘Bae, I got a headache. I got a headache. I got a headache.’ She was experiencing short-term memory loss. She couldn’t remember anything. She kept on repeating the same thing over and over,” Medley told ABC News.

Medley took Shakena back to a different hospital three days later, where an X-ray discovered that there was still a bullet in her head.

“We are so grateful to be here. So grateful to be alive. They put the Band-Aid on her head, gave her antibiotics and just sent her home. We could have done that ourselves at home,” Medley said.

Police Detective Argemis Colome said that there are no suspects in the case, but they are investigating the possibility that the shooting was a hate crime, since all of the victims happened to be from the LGBT community. Not much is known about the suspects aside from the fact that they were riding down the street on an ATV when they carried out the shooting.

“We’re definitely looking into it as a very violent crime. We’ll see if we get more information and if it does come to that, then obviously there will be an additional charge that we can add. As of now, we don’t have enough to determine that. We’re not discarding it, but we don’t have enough right now to definitely make that an additional charge,” Colome said in a statement.

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