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After Twitter Poll Goes Badly Awry, Christian Group Blames Satan

“Satanists and Atheists piled on this poll and have begun leaving vile messages as well.”




(TMU) — An organization that claims to represent Christian lawmakers in the U.S. is crying foul after a Twitter poll asking if the country would be better with more elected officials of the Christian faith went hilariously off the rails.

While the group only has a humble 277 followers on Twitter, it still decided to put the question to a vote among the broader Twitterverse—opening itself to the certainty that it would fall victim to a good old-fashioned “poll-jacking” which happens when a large group on social media intentionally subverts an attempt to gather an online opinion.

When all was said and done, over 16,000 people had replied with an overwhelming 95.8 percent of the vote responding with a decisive “no.”

Seemingly not content with simply moving forward discreetly or perhaps just deleting the failed poll, the group decided to step it up a notch with complaints of outright oppression and persecution at the hands of the unkind online hordes.

The group initially responded with a complaint that “Satanists and Atheists” had subverted the poll, warning the alleged nonbelievers that “God loves everyone and forgives all who ask Him … Salvation is available only through His Son Jesus Christ. John 3:16.”

In a later post, the group added:

“View the comments on this thread to see what religious persecution and anti-Christian bigotry looks like in America. Satanists and Atheists piled on this poll and have begun leaving vile messages as well.”

The claim is an especially strange one for the group to make, especially considering the fact that according to a Pew survey, the U.S. Congress is nearly 90 percent Christian compared to 65 percent of the United States as a whole.

The National Association of Christian Lawmakers was formed last year by far-right Arkansas Sen. Jason Rapert (R), a politician who warned constituents about the rise of witches in a recruitment email. The group includes former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and anti-gay extremist Tony Perkins on its board of advisers.

Senator Rapert also went to war with a popular local pizzeria last February after the pizza place advertised a concert for sludge metal band EyeHateGod with a photoshopped flyer depicting the senator devouring an infant. Rapert complained that the image depicting him “’biting a baby’ with my mouth” was an “affront” to him “as an ordained minister of the gospel and a well known pro-life advocate.”

At the time, the senator’s social media page was swarmed by both curious supporters and detractors commenters who offered bemused comments about the lawmaker’s alleged taste for eating children, including one commenter who asked:

“Senator, why do you claim to have a pro life stance but this photo clearly depicts you eating a live baby?”

UPDATE 02/11/19As you will read below, I was made aware on 02/05/19 that a digital poster was made by an employee of…

Posted by Jason Rapert on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

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