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These Cups Turn Into Mini Galaxies When Clear Liquid Is Poured Into Them



(TMU) — Your guests would be definitely be impressed when served a drink with a galaxy of stars inside, which is exactly what Japanese artist Hiromi Sato’s individually hand-made galaxy sake cups would achieve. Hiromi creates a tiny galaxy in each tumbler and they are all different and really sparkle once the clear liquid is poured in, creating “The universe that expands when you pour it.”

Hiromi Sato hails from the Niigata Prefecture on the west coast of Japan’s Honshu Island, known for its national parks, ski resorts and hot springs as well as famous for producing some of Japan’s highest quality sake and its more than 90 sake breweries. Under her parents’ influence, Hiromi started painting as a child and had since obtained a traditional Japanese craft qualification. Her beautiful galaxy sake cups are created with stainless steel tumblers using the technique of oxidative coloring which also changes the thickness of the transparent film covering the stainless steel and a sprinkling of gold dust. It is not a fixed color but created by refraction of light (much as the colors on soap bubble in light).

These Sake Cups Look Like There’s a Tiny Galaxy Inside Them When Liquid Is Poured In. ??

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Hiromi explains: “When I lacquer each product, I express my own blue, red, and green universe,” essentially resulting in a unique finish each time. The real magic happens when the cup is filled with clear liquid, be it water, tea, juice, clear liquor like sake, vodka and many more.

Hiromi named the cups “Chuu COCORO” and sell them through her online shop, Sansaku. The store describes her cups as “a work that has been painted with the unique texture of stainless steel processing technology and oxidation coloration in Sakai City, Niigata Prefecture by Hiromi Sato, a traditional craftsman in Niigata and Shirane Butsudan.”

Posted by DeskX Art on Saturday, August 10, 2019

The cups are 2 inches (5cm) tall and holds up to 1.25 oz (37mm) of liquid each. Selling at ¥11,000 (around $107) each, the price tag has not been a deterrent to those who appreciate the time, skilled craftsmanship and individuality of each of Sato’s creations. So much so that they sold out very fast.

Japanese artist Hiromi Sato's hand made galaxy cups.

Posted by Esmeralda Raven Aponte on Sunday, December 29, 2019

Writing on her blogHiromi says:

“There is such a huge reaction, and I am surprised. However, there are no more cups available right now. We apologize for any inconvenience, please wait for a while. Thank you in advance.”

At the time, Hiromi had to prioritize production for her exhibition at the Lexus Takumi Connection in Kyoto at the end of November 2019 and has most probably been able to fill quite a few orders since then.

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